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  Sri La Sri Lobha Matha Agasthiar Ashram
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Sri La Sri Lobha Matha Agasthiar Ashram

Sri Vaasthu Purusha

Sri Vaasthu Purusha is that manifestation of the Universal Lord who oversees all matters that involve land and its use.

Siddha Vaastu Treasure.

There are eight days in every varusham (year) that are special days for the worship of Sri Vaasthu Purusha.

While it's important that we worship Sri Vaasthu Purusha everyday, these eight days are worthy of special mention in the context of Vaasthu Purusha worship. It's particularly important that we honor Him on these eight days.

Vaastu Bhagavan

90 Minutes, 8 Days
Because Sri Vaasthu Purusha is in a state of deep meditation year around, His celestial devotees prayed to Him and requested Him to apportion certain time periods during which they could worship Him without fear of interfering with His meditation. The merciful Lord agreed with this sincere request and told the celestials that He would give them a 90 minute period on eight different days in each year. These eight days are known as the eight Vaasthu days in each year and these 90 minute periods within each of these days are the very auspicious Vaasthu periods.

It's very important that we terrestrials worship and honor Sri Vaasthu Purusha during these 90 minute periods on each of these eight days in each year. If we do this, our worship will coincide with that of the celestials and thus become that much more special.

In every year, these eight days and the start of these 90 minute periods are:
#Day and maasam (month)Start of 90 minute Vaasthu period
1. The 10th day of Chithirai maasam which spans mid April to mid May 1 hour 30 minutes from sunrise
2. The 21st day of Vaigaasi maasam which spans mid May to mid June 6 hours 24 minutes from sunrise
3. The 11th day of Aadi maasam which spans mid July to mid August 48 minutes from sunrise
4. The 6th day of Aavani maasam which spans mid August to mid September 8 hours 24 minutes from sunrise
5. The 11th day of Aipasi maasam which spans mid October to mid November 48 minutes from sunrise
6. The 8th day of Kaarthigai maasam which spans mid November to mid December 4 hours from sunrise
7. The 12th day of Thai maasam which spans mid Januaru to mid February 3 hours 12 minutes from sunrise
8. The 23rd day of Maasi maasam which spans mid February to mid March 3 hours 12 minutes from sunrise

Based on the time of sunrise in the place where you live, you should calculate the exact time span of the Vaasthu period that's applicable to you using the table provided above.

You should spend the 90 minute Vaasthu period totally in worship and selfless service.

Each of these very auspicious 90 minute periods is further subdivided into five sub periods of 18 minutes each.

The last two sub periods totalling 36 minutes are particularly ideal for all auspicious activities, including setting foot in a house that you may have built or bought.

The Worship of Sri Vaasthu Purusha
There's a common misconception that it's enough if one worships Sri Vaasthu Purusha at the start of a construction project. This is wrong. All of us must worship Sri Vaasthu Purusha everyday and particularly during the eight Vaasthu periods in each year.

Boolókanaatha Temple
E.B.Road, Trichy
The Siddhas say that any one who has a dwelling of any kind must worship Sri Vaasthu Purusha and thus show their gratitude to the Lord. Whether we own or rent, whether we live in a hut or a mansion, we must worship Sri Vaasthu Purusha.

On the Vaasthu days, make turmeric paste, sandalwood paste and kumkum paste yourself. Apply these pastes on the door frames in your dwelling and in your place of business. It's especially important that you do this on the door frame of the front door of your house. As a side note, we must learn that the Siddhas say that the door frames in our houses must be made of wood. Many celestial angelic beings will manifest their subtle presence in these door frames if they are worshipped according to the Siddha way.

During the Vaasthu periods, it's ideal if you can visit the Boolókanaatha Temple in the city of Trichy in the south of India. This temple is one of the ideal places for Sri Vaasthu worship.

The Lord has delegated the job of blessing individuals with prosperity in the form of landed property, houses and the like to Sri Angaaraka, one of the nine Lords. The Siddhas say it's ideal if we can worship at the Boolókanaatha Temple during Angaaraka horai on Tuesdays. We should offer food mixed with those vegetables which grow below the ground, i.e., roots and tubers like potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam and the like as neivedyam to the Lord and then distribute the same to the poor. This horai based worship procedure at this temple will please Sri Angaaraka and result in blessings in the form of land and houses. It'll also solve problems related to land and housing, for example, litigation involving land issues and inheritance snafus concerning landed property will get resolved smoothly.

The Boomi Andhara Vaasthu Sundara Chakram (pictured below) is an advanced Siddha mystic drawing that has been conveyed to us by Guru Mangala Gandharva Venkataraman by the grace of his divine teacher, Sri Idiyaapa Siddha. This chakram, which encapsulates many divine forces and potencies, should be worshipped by all those who desire prosperity in the form of land and houses. It's particularly important that high ranking officials in the justice system, like judges and police chiefs, must keep this chakram in their home altar and worship it everyday. This will help them discharge their duties in a fair, just and truthful way.

As you may have guessed, worshipping this chakram during the Vaasthu periods is a good idea.

The Vaasthu Gayatri Mantra
The Siddhas tell us that meditating on the Vaasthu Gayatri mantra is an important part of Vaasthu worship. This mantra is as follows:

Om Prithvi Moola Devaaya vithmahé
Boolóka Naathaaya Dheemahi
Thannó Vaasthu Eesvara Prachódhayaath

Meditate on this mantra 1008 times everyday, if not at least 24, 36 or 108 times. Do this especially during the Vaasthu periods.

We'll provide more information regarding Sri Vaasthu worship in the future. So please make sure you visit this page again.

Vaastu Day - 22 Aug 1999.

Siddha Vaastu Treasure.

Om Salutations to Sri Vaasthu Purusha
Om Salutations to Sri Boolókanaatha
Om Salutations to Sri Buvanésvari Dévi
Om Salutations to Sri Angaaraka
Om Salutations to Sri Boomi Andhara Vaasthu Sundara Chakram

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