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Sri La Sri Lobha Matha Agasthiar Ashram

Maalaya Amavasya 1999

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In a previous AUMzine article we said that Maalaya Paksham tharpanam rites must be performed everyday from Sep/26/99 to Oct/9/99. It's very important that we honor our ancestors (pithru beings) with daily tharpanam rites during this particular paksham.

The culmination of this 15 day worship procedure is the Maalaya Amavasya tharpanam. Of the 24 or 25 Amavasya thithis in each varusham, this one is particularly important for honoring our pithrru beings.

The Maalaya Amavasya for 1999 spans the following time period:
IST:  from 1629 hours on Oct/8/99 till 1704 hours on Oct/9/99.
GMT:  from 1059 hours on Oct/8/99 till 1134 hours on Oct/9/99.
PST:  from 0259 hours on Oct/8/99 till 0334 hours on Oct/9/99.
Please refer to the Agasthiar calendar for other timezones. If daylight savings time is used in your area, please apply the appropriate corrections to the above times.

The tharpanam procedure for the 1999 Maalaya Amavasya has been described on page 5 of the Oct/99 issue of Sri Agasthia Vijayam, the Ashram Tamil monthly. Please make sure that you read this article.

We have pointed out the paramount importance of karma nullification elsewhere in AUMzine. A special feature of the Maalaya Amavasya tharpanam procedure is that it has the spiritual power to neutralize the bad karma resulting from drinking, gambling and coveting the wives of others.

On this day, light three lamp jothis and place them towards the East, West and North. In front of this setup, arrange the darbha grass frame on which you'll pour the consecrated sesame seeds (thil in Hindi, ellu in Tamil) and water mixture as part of your tharpanam. The spiritual beings who become present in sookshma (subtle) form in these three lamps are the witnesses to your tharpanam worship procedure.

The ideal places for conducting your 1999 Maalaya Amavasya tharpanam procedure are:
- The banks of the Sri Veera Ragava temple pond in Thiruvaloor near Madras
- Agni theertham in Ramesvaram
- The banks of the temple pond in the Thiruvidaimaruthoor temple
- The Thirupunalvaasal temple (near the Aavudaiyaar temple in Pudhukottai).

Sri Agasthiar has an important instruction for married women in this regard. If your husband doesn't perform tharpanam rites, please explain the importance of the same to him and make him do Maalaya Amavasya tharpanam and nitya (daily) tharpanam. This is your spiritual duty.

Om Salutations to the Pithru beings

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