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  Sri La Sri Lobha Matha Agasthiar Ashram
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Sri La Sri Lobha Matha Agasthiar Ashram

Ashta Prathaapa Giri Valam Days
Eight Special Days at Arunachala
Day 3 - Nov/19/99

The Siddhas have designed a special eight day giri valam worship procedure for this Pramaadhi year (mid April 1999 to mid April 2000). This is the Ashta Prathaapa Arunachala Giri Valam worship procedure. Nov/19/99 is the third day of this eight day period.

As we have said elsewehere in this issue of AUMzine, Lord Arunachala is the ultimate miracle worker. This Lord of Lords demonstrates His boundless grace by attracting an estimated 500,000 people to the Arunchala holy land on the full moon day of each month. This has been reported in the local press.

Imagine 500,000 people performing Arunachala giri valam! Isn't this a wonder in the face of twentieth century materialism! It's a miracle. It's the great Lord's spiritual alchemy, that of converting the iron of our material hearts into spiritual gold!

Click here! One can not understand the spiritual significance of Arunachala giri valam without the Sathguru's grace. We need to get that spiritual intuition which can begin to comprehend at least a bit of the spiritual magic of Arunachala giri valam. And to get it, we must surrender to the Sathguru, the true representative of Arunachala.

"Why perform 1000 giri valams? Isn't once enough?" These are questions that one may ask. But these are not questions a true devotee would ask. True devotees do not approach giri valam with a calculating attitude. They enjoy the bliss of giri valam. They experience the tranquility that envelops them before, during and after giri valam. They yearn to experience it again and again. They revel in it; they desire to experience it more and more. They crave it! They can't have enough of it. This is how all of us should approach giri valam.

Click here! To understand the spiritual impact of giri valam, we must be spiritually uplifted. Only a Sathguru can make this possible.

When we go beyond selfishness, when we truly realize that all material pleasures are transitory and impermanent, when we understand that we need to pursue only that which is permanent and eternal, when these thoughts take deep root in us, we become ready to receive basic knowledge of Arunachala giri valam.

But when do these deeply spiritual thoughts take deep root within us? Only after we perform many many giri valams! With each and every giri valam, more and more impurities in our mind get washed away and we get closer and closer to a state of spiritual readiness. Thus constant practice of giri vala yoga helps us get rid of our material thinking and places us firmly in spirituality.

Eyes and Eye Doctors Click here!
The ability to see is very important for a good life. Any problem with eyesight can be a mjor handicap. But what can those with eye problems do? The Siddhas say that Arunachala giri valam on Nov/19/99 is the remedy for those suffering from eye problems and diseases. In addition, they say that it's also the preventive measure for those who want to prevent eye problems.

Ekadasi thithi, Uthiratadhi nakshatram and Friday (Sukra's day) - these are the time characteristics of Nov/19/99. It was on this day in a different era that Sri Sukra performed Arunachala giri valam and regained the eyesight that He lost during the Lord's Vamana Avatar leela. Click here!

Through out the giri valam on this day, one must recite the Dhévaaram hymn of Sri Sundara Moorthi Naayanar cited on page 45 of the November 1999 issue of Sri Agasthia Vijayam, the Ashram monthly.

Eye doctors who want to make a mark in their field must perform Arunachala giri valam on this day and recite the aformentioned hymn through out their giri valam. If they do this sincerely and offer free medical help to the poor and needy throught their lives, they will shine like stars in their profession.

Those who perform giri valam on Nov/19/99 will see a significant change in their mental state and in their attitude. It's a very, very important giri valam day! A very powerful and very effective day indeed for giri valam! Don't miss it! This is the advice of the Siddhas.

Eight Special Days

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Om Salutations to Arunachala
Om Salutations to Sri Agasthiar
Om Salutations to the Maha Guru
Om Salutations to the Agasthiar Lineage
Om Salutations to the Siddhas

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