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Sri La Sri Lobha Matha Agasthiar Ashram

Sri Agasthiar 16 Ganapthis, Siddha Predictions and Advice for the Vikrama Year (mid April 2ØØØ - mid April 2ØØ1)

The Vikrama year (varusham) spans the time period from mid April 2ØØØ - mid April 2ØØ1. As explained elsewhere in AUMzine, Vikrama and 59 other years occur in a 60 year cycle. Each year has its own distinct characteristics and the Siddhas stress different spiritual practices in different years. In this article, they make worship suggestions for the Vikrama year.

The Siddhas tell us that the Vikrama year is ideally suited to Shodasa Ganapathi worship. Shodasa = sixteen. Thus Shodasa Ganapathi worship refers to the worship of sixteen Ganapathi forms. Those who follow this suggestion and perform Shodasa Ganapathi worship throughout the Vikrama year will reap great spiritual and material benefits, say the Siddhas.

16 Thithis, 16 Ganapathis
Ganesh There are 16 distinct thithis in the spiritual calendar. There's a distinct Ganapathi form corresponding to each thithi. Worshipping the Ganapathi form corresponding to the thithi at any instant during the day is the unique thithi Ganapathi Siddha worship procedure conveyed to us by the Sathguru, Guru Mangala Gandharva Venkataraman.

The thithi Ganapathi page in our Website is programmed to display the Ganapathi form corresponding to the thithi that's active during the very moment you visited that page. This web page is like a Vajraayudha for devotees! If you're feeling depressed, visit this page and request the thithi Ganapathi (of that instant) for help and solace. If you're feeling content and happy, visit this page and convey your thanks and gratitude to the thithi Ganapathi (of that instant). Instantaneous worship and instantaneous spiritual advancement in this electronic age, thanks to the thithi Ganapathis and the Siddha divine teachers! What more can we devotees ask for! Let's make it a habit to perform this electronic daily thithi Ganapathi worship not only throughout this Vikrama year but throughout our lives!

The 16 distinct thithis and the corresponding thithi Ganapathis are:
0.   AmavasyaSri Niruttha Ganapathi
1.   PrathamaiSri Baala Ganapathi
2.   DvithiyaiSri Tharuna Ganapathi
3.   ThrithiyaiSri Bakthi Ganapathi
4.   ChathurthiSri Veera Ganapathi
5.   PanchamiSri Sakthi Ganapathi
6.   SashtiSri Dhvija Ganapathi
7.   SapthamiSri Siddhi Ganapathi
8.   AshtamiSri Ucchishta Ganapathi
9.   NavamiSri Vigna Ganapathi
10.   DasamiSri Kshipra Ganapathi
11.   EkadasiSri Heramba Ganapathi
12.   DvaadasiSri Lakshmi Ganapathi
13.   ThrayodasiSri Maha Ganapathi
14.   ChathurdasiSri Vijaya Ganapathi
15.   PournamiSri Niruttha Ganapathi
Click here for more on Shodasa Ganapathi - the 16 TIME Ganeshas.

Memorize these 16 thithi Ganapathi names. Use the Agasthiar calendar for your timezone to figure out the thithi on any given day. Throughout that thithi, meditate on the thithi Ganapathi for that particular thithi. Wherever you see a Ganapathi form during that thithi, recite the name of the Ganapathi for that thithi. This is the Siddha method of worshipping Sri Ganapathi; it's a worship procedure that's most pleasing to Sri Ganesh, say the Siddhas. Sri Agasthiar assures us that those who do this without fail will be the recipients of many special blessings from Lord Ganesh.

The 16 thithi Ganapathi forms were revealed to the Sathguru, Guru Mangala Gandharva Venkataraman, by his divine teacher Sri Idiyaapa Siddha. These divine forms have been drawn according to his specifications and are shown in compressed form below. This sacred picture belongs in every home shrine. You can purchase it at the Sri Agasthia Vijayam Kendralaya Store in Chennai (Madras) and at the Sri La Sri Lobha Matha Agasthiar Ashram in Thiru Annamalai. Apart from the Ganapathi forms, this picture also contains an Agasthiar quote and the Gayatri mantra for the 16 Ganapathis. Can any home shrine be complete without this unique picture?

1 + 1 + 14 Thithi Ganapathis

At Least Once In Your Lifetime...
As we said above, worshipping the 16 Ganapathi forms throughout the Vikrama year is ideal. But performing this worship in temples which house 16 or more Ganapathi forms is very special indeed. The ideal temple for this worship is the Gnanapureesa Temple in Thirumakóttai near the town of Mannaargudi in the state of Tamil Nadu in south India. Each one of us should visit this shrine at least once in our lifetimes and worship the 16 Ganapathi forms found in this temple. Doing so in the Vikrama year will multiply the benefits and the blessings, the Siddhas assure us.

The Vikrama year is a dream come true for Ganesh devotees. During this year, we should worship Lord Ganesh daily - circle His sanctum 16 times using the adi pradakshanam and or anga pradakshanam techniques, perform fire cermonies in His honor with 16, 160 or 1600 ceremonial sticks of wood and offer 16 vegetables, 16 fruits, 16 eatables, 16 sweets, 16 rice dishes, 16 betel leaves, 9 areca nuts, 32 turmeric roots, 16 bananas and 16 coconuts as neivedyam. Visit old couples who are poor and needy (irrespective of race, religion or nationality) and present the lady with these offerings that have been blessed by Ganesh. This is a simple way of attaining great material and spiritual blessings in the Vikrama year.

The Shattering of Obstacles in the Vikrama Year
Shodasa Ganapathi worship during the Vikrama year can generate enough spiritual force to shatter long standing obstacles to good works. If you had wanted to start some good work but have encountered some problem or the other, Shodasa Ganapathi worship during the Vikrama year can help you overcome these obstacles.

On each Friday during the Vikrama year, visit 16 old couples who are poor and needy (irrespective of race, religion or nationality) and offer gifts of boxes filled with kumkum and/or sangu (conch shells) to the 16 ladies. This is a Siddha prescription for the Vikrama year. There are many spiritual secrets behind kumkum boxes and conch shells; these need to be learned from the Sathguru in person. You can purchase sanctified conch shells at the Sri Agasthia Vijayam Kendralaya Store in Chennai (Madras). Long standing obstacles at both home and work (e.g., house and factory building problems, business, promotion, marital and other problems) will be removed by this gifting procedure during the Vikrama year, say the Siddhas.

Professions, Predicitions and Salvation in the Vikrama Year
Ganesh The Siddhas have revealed quite a few details about the Vikrama year. They say that this year is one in which problems related to money will rear their head - problems such as lack of money, misuse of money, losing money and so on. There will be misunderstandings among friends, colleagues and relatives because of money issues. What's the solution to these problems? Just perform Shodasa Ganapathi pooja everyday! As simple as that!

The Siddhas suggest that one should be careful in lending money during the Vikrama year. They advise us not to lend money to strangers during this year.

Those who work in banks and other financial service institutions should not participate in strikes during the Vikrama year. Those who work with money should exercise caution during this year. The Vikrama year is not the year for making large investments in financial instruments. Keep it small; do not bite off more than you can chew. This is because of the misunderstandings that will arise because of issues related to money during the Vikrama year.

Priests and others involved in religious and spiritual vocations should be particularly careful with money issues during the Vikrama year.

The Vikrama year is a good one for buying vehicles. At the same time, if you're selling your old vehicles, make sure you do so at a fair price. Don't be avaricious, advise the Siddhas. Expect a fair price and nothing more. When you buy vehicles, buy them in auspicious time periods, i.e., choose the day, nakshatram, thithi and horai according to Siddha specifications. Before you put your new vehicles to use, make sure you perform the appropriate worship procedures including Shodasa Ganapathi pooja.

The Vikrama year is also a great year for gifting vehicles to those who can't afford them. But before you gift them, fix any defects in them and make sure they are in good working condition. This gifting procedure in the Vikrama year will win one the blessings of Sri Angaaraka. Such a one will enjoy the comfort of vehicles.

Doctors and medical practitioners are advised not to expand their practice or venture into new areas during the Vikrama year. It's best if they remain content with what they have during this year.

The Vikrama year is one during which lawyers and judges should exercise the utmost caution. A slip of the tongue can cause major problems this year. They should pray to the Shodasa Ganapthis throughout the Vikrama year for purity and precision in speech.

Those involved in transportation and export/import businesses may face unexpected problems during the Vikrama year. This is also a year during which those involved in the construction business may face problems.

Farmers should not put new science to use in their crop growing methods during the Vikrama year. They should follow the old tried and true methods. The Vikrama year is one in which there may be problems due to crops getting affected.

Hoteliers and restaurateurs should make sure that they are fair and magnanimous in the treatment of their employees during the Vikrama year.

The solution to all the problems that may arise in the Vikrama year is Shodasa Ganapathi worship. All of us, especially the ones mentioned above, should worship the 16 Ganapathis particularly during the Chathurthi and Chathurdasi thithis, and that too during the Sukla paksham, the waxing (bright) phase of the moon.

It is particularly effective if a group of devotees worship the Shodasa Ganapathis. So perform this worship with your family, friends and relatives. Those who follow this Siddha advice will find that they are able to arrive at well thought out solutions to their problems. This group worship of the 16 Ganapathis is not only a way for solving personal problems and making progress, but it's also a method for ensuring the welfare of people around the world. So make sure you worship the 16 Ganapathis not just for yourself but also on behalf of everyone else.

As Wise as the Wise King Vikramaditya
Mother Angaali The wisdom of the wise king Vikramaditya was a result of his constant worship of the Shodasa Ganapthis, the Siddhas inform us. He worshipped Them nonstop during a sixteen year period. This longterm pooja resulted in many material and spiritual benefits and blessed him with wisdom which is talked about even today! Such is the power of Shodasa Ganapathi worship.

This wise king consulted the rishis and got the specifications of the 16 Ganapathi divine forms, had them sculpted and worshipped them with great faith and sincerity. He thus became a recipient of the copious blessings of the 16 Ganapathis. He was blessed with wealth, valour, wisdom and spirituality.

So if you want you and your kith and kin to be as wise as the wise King Vikramaditya, perform longterm Shodasa Ganapathi worship, especially during the Vikrama year.

A Visit to Ganesh's Royal Court
Visiting temples wherein there are 16 or more Ganapathi forms is a particularly effective spiritual practice during the Vikrama year. Perform Shodasa Ganapathi pooja in these temples during this year. Perform adi pradakshanam and anga pradakshanam in these temples. Perform fire ceremonies, abishekam, archana, etc. in these temples. Have a ritual bath in the sacred ponds in these temples. Perform selfless service to the poor and the needy in and around these temples. These spiritual practices are the best problem solvers during the Vikrama year. If you want to get things done, this is the easiest way this year!

To summarize, Shodasa Ganapthi worship in the Vikrama year is a problem solver.

We have already mentioned the Gnanapureesa temple in Thirumakkóttai near Mannaargudi. There's another great temple that's home to more than 16 Ganapathi forms. This is the Thiruppaasoor temple near Chennai (Madras). In this temple, you can see Lord Ganesh holding court - one central Ganapathi form surrounded by many more. This is a spiritual treat for devotees; it's Ganesh loka on earth! Make sure you visit these two temples many many times during the Vikrama year and thereafter. Make sure you perform Shodasa Ganapathi worship in these temples with your family, friends and relatives. (Thiruppaasoor is near Madras (Chennai). It's on the way to and near Thiruvalloor which is an important Vaishnava place of pilgrimage. They are both on the Madras - Tiruttani railway route. Thiruppaasoor is before Thiruvalloor as you travel from Madras. One can reach Thiruvalloor by train and come back to Thiruppasoor or one can go there by road.)

Ganesh's Grace for Children
Mother Aayur Devi Shodasa Ganapathi worship is a great solution for those children who don't seem to be making progress at school. Parents of such kids worry constantly but they should worry no more! Teach them Shodasa Ganapathi worship. Buy them the Shodasa Ganapathi picture from the Agasthia Vijayam Kendralaya store. Ask them to make sandalwood paste with their own hands and apply it to the Shodasa Ganapathis. Kids will enjoy this simple worship. Let them do this daily as their morning and the evening worship procedure. Moreover teach them to recite the name of the thithi Ganapathi for the thithi on each day. Make your kids do this without fail and see the results for yourselves! By the grace of the 16 Ganapathis, your kids will become as wise as the wise king Vikramaditya, say the Siddhas.

Those who want to be as wise as the wise king Vikramaditya should perform Shodasa Ganapathi worship during the Vikrama year and thenceforth. But intelligence alone is not enough. Intelligence should go hand in hand with faith, bakthi (devotion), good character and moral values. Shodasa Ganapathi is the easiest way of imbuing one with such spiritual qualities. And this is the reason the Siddhas have conveyed this great worship procedure to us. Let's show our gratitude to them by diligently following this worship procedure not just during the Vikrama year but throughout our lives.

1 + 1 + 14 Thithi Ganapathis

Om Salutations to the Shodasa Ganapathis
Om Salutations to the 16 Ganapathis
Om Salutations to Maha Guru Sri Agasthiar
Om Salutations to the Agasthiar Lineage
Om Salutations to the Siddhas

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