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Sri La Sri Lobha Matha Agasthiar Ashram

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Lord of 2009 - Vasuki Anugraha Thandava Shiva

The Divine Dance That Blessed Vasuki (and Others)

Redemption from the Sin of Forgetting God - "Vasugi Anugraha Nardhanam"

2009 Daily Mantras and Daily Darshan

Source: January 2009 issue of our monthly magazine released in early December 2008.

  • Wanted: Nectar! Got: Venom!
  • Utter Selfishness!
  • When Impurity Wants to Meet with Purity
  • When the Innocent are in the midst of Impurity
  • The Corrosive Power of Selfishness
  • Saved by Neelakanta Siva
  • The Untold Happenings in the Puranas Told by the Nava Natha Siddhas
  • Vasuki begs Forgiveness of the Lord
  • The Root Cause as Revelead by the Lord
  • Accepting Punishment For One's Sins
  • The Merciful Lord's Solution
  • The Very Fragrance of Amrita is Great Medicine
  • Churning the Ocean - Take Two!
  • Vasuki's Thanksgiving to the Lord
  • The Lord's Dance of Blessing for Vasuki (and Others)
  • Darshan Pic - The Lord of 2009!
  • 2009 Daily Mantras

Om. As you may know, in the churning of the Milky Ocean by the Devas and Asuras, the Naga Vasuki was used as the rope to turn the Mandara Hill that was used as the churning rod. From this churning appeared the Halahala venom from the ocean.

Not being able to withstand the strain imposed in the churning process, Vasuki emitted venom too. This venom mixed with the Halahala venom and the resulting poisonous mixture seethed with fury! The Devas and the Asuras ran helter skelter fearing for their lives.

Wanted: Nectar!
Got: Venom!

Shiva Pakshi Meghandranath Now arises an interesting question. How did this venom just show up from the pristine Ocean? The Devas and the Asuras were looking for amrita, the nectar of immortality but what they get is a poison that threatens to kill them!

What they wanted was immortality and what they got was the threat of instant destruction! The exact opposite of what they desired!

This is an important atma vichara (self enquiry) point that the Arunachala Siddha, Sathguru Venkataraman, would like for us to think about. So think about it before reading further.

Utter Selfishness!

The amrita nectar and its benefits are for everyone in this universe. But the Devas and the Asuras selfishly wanted it for themselves and not for anyone else. Each group wanted it for themselves alone so that they alone will be immortal. They desired this end result so that they can easily dispose of all other beings and enjoy the universe all by themselves as their very own property. This is utter selfishness.

Now think how often we humans get into this same mode of thinking! Almost every moment! And what is the result of this thinking?

When Impurity Wants to Meet with Purity

The ocean, which was prisitne pure till then, was accosted by this base selfishness of both the Devas and the Asuras.

When purity meets impurity, the impurity has to be ejected. Thus it was the impurtiy of selfishness that was ejected as the Halahala venom. And this venom came after the impure ones!

How dare they bring their impurity to the pristine pure ocean! Thus, as punishment, their own impurity attacked them in the form of the all consuming Halahala venom.

When the Innocent are in the midst of Impurity

Shiva Gaja Samhara Murthi Vasuki was unaware of the evil intentions of the Devas and Asuras. But that was not sufficient protection.

This teaches us an important lesson: Not having evil intentions alone is not sufficient protection when one is surrouned by powerful groups filled with evil thoughts and designs! To be able to thwart the onslaught of such evil, one must request protection from God through regular egoless worship done with sincere devotion.

The enormity of the selfish feelings harbored by the powerful Devas and Asuras overtook the innocent Vasuki. Unable to bear the strain of churning imposed by the two powerful groups on either side fired up by the deadly poison of selfishness, Vasuki emitted the venom that it had protected and conserved within itself for many yugas (ages) through serious yoga practice.

For no fault of its own (or so it thought), Vasuki's yogic lock of preservation was broken.

The vow of not emitting venom at any time, maintained over ages, converts the preserved venom into a glorius ratna (gem) on the Naga's forehead. It is God's reward to the Nagas for keeping such a sacred vow over such a long time; a divine reward for their yoga of self-control. But Vasuki had broken this sacred vow. This was a huge loss for Vasuki.

Vasuki's venom mixed with the Halahala venom and the resulting intensity was like the scorching heat of millions of suns put together.

The Devas and Asuras sought the help of Brahma and Vishnu who said that They can protect them till the abode of Siva, Kailash, and after that it was Siva's Will.

The Corrosive Power of Selfishness

At the gates of Kailash, Lord Adhikara Nandi taught the scared Devas and Asuras the greatness of Lord Shiva. He explained to them that they had forgotten the Lord.

Because of their utter selfishness, which made them think that they alone should enjoy the benefits of amrita, they had forgotten their prime duty of offering amrita first to Lord Siva.

After all, they should have known that amirtha is for all and not just for themselves. But blinded by selfishness, they not only forgot other beings, they forgot the Lord as well! Such is the corrosive power of selfishness.

It is this sin of forgetting the Lord - forgetting to offer him amrita first rather than desiring to consume it first themselves - that has caused their current plight of being chased by the all consuming venom.

Saved by Neelakanta Siva

Shiva Tripura Samhara Thandava Moorthi Hearing the divine words of Lord Adikara Nandi, both groups realized their cardinal sin and surrendered to Shiva's grace. They begged the Lord to protect them.

The venom that had relentlessly chased the Devas and the Asuras stopped at Adhikara Nandi's presence and did not pursue them anymore! That itself convinced the Devas and Asuras that had in fact come to the right place - the Saviour's Abode!

Siva ordered Sundara to bring Him the venom. Sundara brought it to Him on a banyan leaf. Siva received the venom in His palm on which there was a vilva leaf. The Lord placed it in a conch shell and consumed the all-consuming venom and saved the universe from destruction.

This great act of Divine Mercy is forever celebrated by glorifying the Lord with the beautiful name Neelakanta Shiva.

Siva forgave the Devas and the Asuras for their transgression and told them that at least from now on, they should think of sharing the amrita with everyone throughout the universe. They gave the Lord their assurance and got permission from Him to churn the ocean again.

The Untold Happenings in the Puranas

Told by the Nava Natha Siddhas

The story told so far, or parts of it, you may have heard. But what else happened in this divine leela, we are sure you don't know, because it is the secret of the Nava Natha Siddhas. Some of these secrets concerning the churning of the ocean were revealed to the world by the Arunachala Siddha, Sathguru Venkataraman.

There are many details in the Purana Epics that have been left unsaid. It is the NavaNatha Siddhas who know these numerous untold happenings. These secrets of the Nava Natha Siddhas were taught to Sathguru Venkataraman by his Siddha teacher, Sri La Sri Idiyaappa Eesa Siddha who resides eternally in the inner effulgence of the Nava Natha Siddhas.

Vasuki begs Forgiveness of the Lord

Mother Sri Sucharitha Saraswathi With a body full of wounds caused by the churning process, the distraught Vasuki sought refuge at Lord Siva's Feet. "Lord, I went to do my seva in the churning process. Because of the intense churning, I could not bear the strain imposed on me. So I was not able to preserve my yogic state. I inadvertently emitted the venom I had conserved for ages. Please forgive me for this sin of breaking my yoga sadhana. I know that even asking for forgiveness is wrong. So I say this instead. Whatever punishment You wish to give me, I will take it as a blessing from You. Actually, if my yogic sadhana - my self-control - was good, I would not have lost what I had conserved for so long in the first place. But like ordinary mortals, I could not bear the pain and I emitted the venom thus trangressing the edict of self-control of the entire Yoga Naga Kula clan. Why did this happen, my Lord? Please enlighten me."

Thus Vasuki begged for a divine explanation and sought a solution.

The Root Cause as Revelead by the Lord

Lord Shiva said: "Vasuki, of the eight Nagas, you were chosen to be the rope used for churning. This made you think that you were somehow special and that is why you were chosen for this seva. Ego reared its ugly head inside you. Ego of any kind has to get its punishement. In your case, the punishment took the form of your wounds and the loss of your yogic self-control. Now tell us what exactly you are expecting from us."

Accepting Punishment For One's Sins

Mother Ayur Devi, the Empress of the Universe Vasuki said: "Yes, My Lord. Ego did rear its ugly head in me. As a punishment, the seven other Nagas are now laughing at me because I lost my self-control. They are making fun of me for having lost what I had preserved for yugas. They have still not lost their self-control or what they have preserved, but I have. I have put myself to shame and I have also put the devout, high souled Naga clan itself to shame. I am ready to accept whatever punishment you want to bestow on me."

The Merciful Lord's Solution

The Compassionate Lord said: "Realizing one's mistake and rectifying oneself immediately is equivalent to receiving punishment. Anyway, your presence in the ocean will be requested again by the Devas and Asuras. You have the great good fortune of being an instrument in the process of the whole universe getting and benefitting from amrita. So think about this with humility and devotion and do this as selfless service for the sake of all beings in this universe. This itself is enough for you for the present."

The Very Fragrance of Amrita is Great Medicine

Mother Sri Angaali, the Most Compassionate One Vasuki said: "Lord, You have removed the poison of my ego. You have smashed to smithereens the mountain that was my pride. You have forgiven me with such great compassion and you are allowing to me take part in this great effort of churning the ocean. This opportunity to do selfless service itself is such a great blessing. If only I had taken your permission beforehand, I would not be in this pitiable position of having shamed myself like I did. But going there now with all these wounds and touching the water of the ocean with these wounds - will that not pollute the pure ocean and insult it?"

Lord Siva said: "This time around, before the amrita appears, its fragrance will fill the air. This fragrance itself is so full of medicinal, healing properties that it will heal your wounds on the shores of the ocean itself and give you much energy. So fear not."

The Lord gave Vasuki His blessings to continue the seva.

Churning the Ocean - Take Two!

This time around, the Devas and Asuras prayed to Ganesa, Adi Siva, Ambika and the Trimurti Trinity before embarking on the churning process. Amrita appeared and you may know the rest of what is written in the Purana Epics. But what you do not know is revealed here by Sathguru Venkataraman.

Vasuki's Thanksgiving to the Lord

Mother Sundara Maha Lakshmi Vasuki offered prayers of gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Lord Siva. At that time, Lord Kurma, who had provided the foundation for the churning, was also in Kailash as Amirtha Narayana Perumal along with Mother Lakshmi.

Lord Siva gave the unique banyan leaf that could withstand the ferocity of Halahala venom as a gift to Amrita Narayana.

Whatever gift one receives, one must first give it to the wife and get it back from her. Following this rule, Lord Narayana gave it to Mother Lakshmi.

Mother Lakshmi held the banyan leaf with great devotion. Underneath the banyan leaf was also the vilva leaf that was on Siva's palm. Hence we say that on the back of the vilva leaf (that was touched by the palm of Siva) resides Mother Sri MahaLakshmi.

During the pralaya dissolution of the universe, Mother Lakshmi Herself takes the form of this banyan leaf, on top of which floats the little baby Krishna.

The Krishna avatar did not just happen in the Dwapara Yuga. Just like Adi Varaha existed much much before the Lord took the Varaha Avatar to destroy Hiranyaksha and redeem Mother Earth Bhooma devi, Lord Krishna too exists in all Yugas.

Seeing these leelas and these Divinities and meditating on Them, a desire was born after many yugas in Vasuki who respectfully addressed Lord Siva: "Just like Lord Krishna danced on Kaliya Naga, please dance on my hood and show the world how you cleansed me of my ego. And just like You did for me, may those who have darshan of Your Divine Form in this Dance be cleanesd of their ego, maya and unrighteous behavior. Like You gave me confidence to renew my seva, may Your darshan give them courage and confidence and virtuous living. Immerse everyone in the ananda (bliss) of your Divine Dance, my Lord, and protect me and everyone else!"

This was the selfless prayer of Vasuki. A prayer that requested blessings for those who had darshan of Shiva dancing on its hood! A prayer not for itself, but for others!

The Lord's Dance of Blessing for Vasuki (and Others)

The Lord accepted this sincere, heartfelt prayer of Vasuki and danced on its head thus giving Vasuki that most sought after blessing - the touch of the Lord's Feet on one's head!

This is the Vasuki Anugraha Siva Thandava - the Dance of Blessing of Lord Shiva that blesses all souls to this day and will continue to bless them unto eternity.

The Lord of 2009 - Vasuki Anugraha Thandava Shiva - Daily Darshan
Lord of 2009 - Vasuki Anugraha Thandava Shiva - Daily Darshan for 2009

2009 Daily Mantras

In honor of the Lord of 2009, chant the following mantras of the Agasthiar Siddha Lineage daily during this year as many times as possible.

1. Nageswara Gayatri Mantra:
Om naaga booshanaaya vidhmahey
naagaabaranaaya dheemahi
thanno nageswara prachodhayaath

2. Vasuki Gayatri Mantra:
Om sarpa raajaaya vidhmahey
padmahasthaaya dheemahi
thanno vaasuki prachodhayaath

3. Ananta Gayatri Mantra:
Om sarpa raajaaya vidhmahey
naagaraajaaya dheemahi
thanno ananta prachodayaath

4. Lord of 2009 - Prayer and Glorification Mantra:
vandha thunbam yaavumodhi vaatukindra vaadhanai
vendha mEni soozhukindra beedhi roga rodhanai
bandhamaana pagaiyumaagi vaatukindra baaramey
indha naaga ega eesa nadanavaari theerkumey

venchudaraai veluttha vazhi attadhosa thunbagali konda thuyar kootti varum kaaramaai
vinjudhalaai aadi olin thEdi suzhal pEyamuni vaatukindra nOi pinigal chOramaai
anjuthalai vaasuki than naagathalai aadukindra paramasivan kaattumarul dheeramaai
nanjukazhi kaala dosha moolikali naagathuri atthanaiyum maaitharulum eesaney

5. Lord of 2009 - Prayer Mantra:
anyasya doshagaNanaa kutukam mamaitat
aavishkarOti niyatam mayi doshavaktvam
dosha: punarmayi na chEdhakhiley satisey
doshagraha: kadhamudhEtu mamEsa tasmin

dosham parasya nanu gruhNati mayyanEna
svaatmaisha Eva paragaatrasamaahrutEna
dhurvastunEva malineekriyatey tadhanya
doshagrahaadhahaha kim na nivartitavyam

Audio Help - Hear the 2009 Daily Mantras

2009 Daily Mantras

So this is the Divine Dance of Blessing for Vasuki and everyone else as revealed by the Sathguru, Guru Mangala Gandharva Venkataraman. We want you, yours and the whole world to enjoy the benefits of following the advice of the Siddhas of the Agasthiar Lineage. To tell your friends about this Siddha treasure or to link to it, please copy-paste the following link:



Om Salutations to the Lord of 2009 - Vasuki Anugraha Thandava Shiva
Om Salutations to the Blessing Dance - Vasuki Anugraha Divya Thandava Kolam
Om Salutations to the Agasthiar Lineage of Siddha Sathgurus

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