Sri La Sri Lobha Matha Agasthiar Ashram
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August 8, 2006
Viya Varusham
Greeshma Rithu
Aadi Maasam 23-rd day
Mangala Pournami Full Moon Pooja and Arunachala Girivalam Night

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Om. Tonight, on Managala Vaaram (Tuesday), Pournami thithi begins at 7:41 p.m. and Thiruvonam (Sravana) nakshatra at 7:45 p.m. Today is also Mangala Gowri Vrata day. Furthermore, tomorrow is Sri Hayagriva's day. It is also a Wednesday, which is again good for worshipping Lord Narayana. This unique mingling of different time periods gives rise to a purification shakti called Hari Chandra Prakasa shakti. In a world permeated with lies and falsehood in all walks of life, the merciful Lord Arunachala makes possible such special time periods that are pregnant with kaala shakti so that the world and its environs can be purified. So tonight is a night of purification.

As the Siddhas have advised us, timing is all important. Each moment is unique, say the Siddhas. One should understand the unique features of every instant and use it appropriately. But modern man, being singularly ignorant of the spiritual value of time, wastes his days, months and years on useless media, TV, magazines and gossip. Time is divine; thus wasting time is a sin. Those who perform Hari Chandra Prakasa Pournami girivalam tonight will realize this truth.

During this entire Sravana nakshatra time period spanning Tuesday and Wednesday, Lord Arunachala blesses us abundantly by bathing us with eight different kinds of powerful spiritual rays through the Pournami full moon. These are namely Satya Prakasa, Santha Prakasa, Gnana Prakasa, Swati Prakasa, Gaana Prakasa, Subha Prakasa and Mangala Prakasa. These powerful spiritual formations occur only during Hari Chandra Prakasa. So those who perform girivalam tonight will be blessed in eight fold ways, say the Siddhas. These blessings could even take the form of unexpected help at opportune moments.

Those who worry that their husbands or children may be lying to them should perform Arunachala Girivalam tonight under the Harischandra Satya Prakasa Shakti Pournami full moon. They should also distribute sweets filled with honey to young children regularly to get relief.

There are those who do Pournami Pooja, those who observe Pournami Vrata and those who perform Pournami Girivalam, as taught by the Sathguru, Guru Mangala Gandharva Venkataraman. Each one has its own spiritual significance. When the Pournami thithi covers the time period from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., that time period is suited for Pournami pooja and Satya Narayana Pooja in both temples and homes. But for Pournami Vrata observance, the entire time period of the Pournami thithi, from its beginning to completion, should be observed as vrata. For Pournami Girivalam, the time period depends on when the Pournami full moon is at its height. Chandra Mangalam, Soma Mangalam, Somangalam - these are all temples which are ideal for worship on Pournamis that occur on Tuesdays.

Tuesday is a Vaastu shakti day. Those who are troubled by problematic court cases should observe vrata and worship Sri Kaarta Veerarjuna on Tuesday Pournami days with proper mantras on a regular basis. Moreover, those involved in litigatation and those affected by documents that have been subjected to forgery or similar foulplay should worship Lord Muruga in a temple where He has manifested Himself with six faces and is present in His own separate shrine with its own vimana. They should offer a garland of shenbaga flowers that they have made themselves to Lord Muruga. This garland should be at least six feet long. They should perform this worship on Tuesdays regularly. Thus each day has its own unique pooja shakti and one should be aware of the spiritual significance of each day.

Uthiradam nakshtra lasts until 7:45 p.m. tonight. The combination of Uthiradam and Tuesday is a problematic combination. Nothing auspicious should be undertaken during this time period. Much caution is advised. But the effects of one's karma must be experienced. One cannot be looking for remedial measures daily while continuing in bad ways. When one starts looking for remedial measures, one should also stop committing bad karma. This should be kept in mind.

On this Mangala Gowri Vrata day, worship the Divine Mother Gowri especially in those temples where She bears the name Gowri. Mangala Gowri Vrata has the power to give good character to one's husband.

On this day, give gifts denoting auspiciousness (tumeric, kumkumam vermilion, beauty products, saris, etc.) to five different kinds of women: girls six years or younger, girls ten years or younger, young unmarried women, married women with many children and married sumangali women 60 years or older. Place these gifts in a nicely decorated baskets made out of palm leaves and give such a basket to each girl or woman.

Palm leaves connote longevity and are also good storehouses of anugraha shakti. Thus the use of palm leaf baskets for auspicious gifting. Our great puruanas and itihasaas have come down to us as writings on palm leaves. Their anugraha shakti has been stored in palm leaves for our benefit! So we owe a huge debt of gratitude to palm leaves and palm trees. Poets and authors of all kinds should worship in those temples where palm trees are the sthala vriksham. They should also distribute food to the poor and hungry on plates made out of plam leaves. Doing this will get them the blessings of grantha devata moorthis.

Wishing you a bliss filled Arunachala Girivalam this Pournami full moon night. Om.

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