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Maha Guru Sri Agasthiar

Special Ancestor Fortnight of Sep 2009 - the

"AnnaSwaathi Akshaya Mahalaya Paksha" of the Siddhas

Siddha Secrets regarding the Mahalaya Paksham and Mahalaya Amavasya of the Virodhi Year - September 2009 Special Ancestor Ceremonies



Articles on pitrus (ancestral beings) and tharpanam ceremonies.

Pitru Moksha (Ancestor Salvation) Sacred Spaces.

What is Pitru Paksha?

Paksham = Fortnight (one full waxing or waning phase of the moon).

Pitru = Exalted Ancestral Beings.

So Pitru Paksham = that fortnight of each year that is dedicated to the worship of exalted ancestor beings.

While daily worship of the Pitru ancestor beings is important to discharge our daily debt to our ancestors, Pitru worship is particularly important during the Ancestor Fortnight (Mahalaya Paksha) every year.

This Ancestor Fortnight is one full waning phase of the moon that generally occurs in September of each year. The culmination of this waning phase (of 15 thithi days) is the special New Moon Day known as Mahalaya Amavasya which marks the most important Ancestor Worship Day of each year.

Special tharpanam worship should be offered on all 15 thithis (days) of this fortnight.

2009 Mahalaya Pitru Paksham Ancestor Fortnight Dates and Timings

In 2009, this Pitri Paksha fortnight spans the following time period:

INDIA begins at 2134 hours IST on Sep 04, 2009 ends at 0014 hours IST on Sep 19, 2009
MALAYSIA / SINGAPORE begins at 0004 hours GMT+8 on Sep 05, 2009 ends at 0244 hours GMT+8 on Sep 19, 2009
LONDON begins at 1704 hours BST on Sep 04, 2009 ends at 1944 hours BST on Sep 18, 2009
NEW YORK begins at 1204 hours EDT on Sep 04, 2009 ends at 1444 hours EDT on Sep 18, 2009
CALIFORNIA begins at 0904 hours PDT on Sep 04, 2009 ends at 1144 hours PDT on Sep 18, 2009

For other timezones, refer to our free panchang calendar.

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Info on Mahalaya Paksha Ancestor Fortnight

For detailed information on the Mahalaya Paksha Ancestor Fortnight, the Mahalaya Amavasya Special New Moon, and special tharpanam procedures on each of the 15 thithis (days) of the ancestor fortnight of 2009, refer to our article from before and use the instructions given in that article this year too.

How to do Tharpanam - Agasthiar's Easy Tharpana Method

Links to articles on Pitrus and Tharpanam Ceremonies

What is Mahalaya Pitru Paksham?

Pitru Moksha Spots Worshipped by Lord Sri Rama - Ideal for Pitru Worship

Tarpana Procedures for each day of the Pitru Paksha

Charitable Giving during all 15 Days of the Pitru Paksha

Karunya Tarpanam during the Pitru Paksha Fortnight

Special Instruction for the 2009 Pitru Paksha

For this Anna Swathi Akshaya Mahalaya Paksha of 2009, Sathguru Venkataraman of the Agasthiar Siddha Lineage had suggested that we read the episode from the Mahabharata sacred purana epic given in this article on each day of this 2009 Ancestor Fortnight and do pitru tharpanam.

Nitya Purana Patana = reading at least one section of a sacred purana epic everyday. This too is an important worship procedure. This is something everyone must do daily. This daily reading of the puranas is an easy way to get the blessings of Lord Hanuman in this Kali Yuga, the current age.

Siddha Secrets within Purana Epics

There are many unknown Siddha Secrets in every Purana episode. These Siddha Secrets are known only to the Nava Natha Siddhas in whose Inner Effulgence dwells Sri La Sri Idiyaappa Eesa Siddha, the Siddha Teacher of Sathguru Venkataraman. Thus it is that Sathguru Venkataraman revealed many an unknown secret behind well known Purana episodes.

Reading the episode that is given here - the story of how Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama did tharpanam for the five Pandava brothers - will enhance your daily tharpana and add more shakti to it thereby getting you the blessings of the Pitru Ancestral Beings in greater measure. So read this episode every day during this 2009 AnnaSwaathi Akshaya Mahalaya Paksha Ancestor Fortnight.

Daily Sacred Sounds and the Daily Reading of the Purana Epics

The Siddha Rule for the holy land of India is that the sounds of the reading of the Purana Epics, Vedic mantra chants, the Tamil Veda chants (Dhevaram, Divya Prabandham and so on), conch shells, puja worship bells, the nadaswaram wind instrument and the tavil drum must be heard in every household in India on a daily basis.

The Purana epic reading is that much more important during the Ancestor Fortnight since it can help your ancestors reach higher states of spirituality. As Sathguru Venkataraman taught us over decades, it is the blessings of our Pitru Ancestors that get translated into happiness in life such as birth of children, family happiness and creature comforts such as a good house, good job, fancy jewels, ornaments, clothes and inheritances. Only if your ancestors are doing well in spiritual realms can they bless you with happiness here. And to show your gratitude to them and for them to continue to do well in spiritual realms, you have to do daily tharpana pooja worship here on earth.

"May Krishna do tharpanam for you"

Once the Pandavas did something wrong and were confronted by a mahatma who challenged them with these words: "It is because of the arrogance that you have divine support that you have sinned" and cursed them thus: "So may you be reduced to a state where Lord Krishna Himself has to do tharpanam for you."

Hearing this curse pronounced on them, the Pandava brothers were shellshocked since embedded in this curse was their death itself. After all, Krishna can do tharpanam for them only if they are dead!

Atma Vichara (Self Enquiry)

The Pandava brothers did atma vichara (self enquiry) on what had just happened and realized that their behavior was being the cause of Lord Krishna's Name being sullied and so they vowed to correct themselves so that no one could ever say to them the words that they had heard just then. They also consoled themselves to an extent by thinking that the curse of a righteous soul can only lead to good and not to harm.

However, when their Mother, Sri Kunti Devi, heard what had happened, she was deeply upset. She did not want such a Damocles sword hanging over her sons and so she resolved to find a way out of it. So she along with some elders went to that mahatma who had pronounced the curse and begged him for a solution.

Seeking Siddha Solutions

That mahatma said, "Alas, more than 3 naazhikais (72 minutes) have passed and so those words would have been cast in concrete by ChitraGupta (the celestial bookkeeper) and they will have to be made true by the 9 NavaGraha deities (who are in charge of overseeing the karma actuation processes). Only a ParaBrahma Shakti like Lord Krishna can do something in such a situation."

The Mahatma added: "However, do pray to Lord Agni (Fire) and Lord Saneeswara (Saturn). They too are in need of Agni Pooja Shakti now to work out certain problems they are facing now. Lord Agni's solution is in the Khandava forest which is now with Indra. Pray for that forest to become Agni's and do Agni Pooja for Lord Agni Himself! Lord Shani is in need of a special Rudragni Shakti to release himself from afflictions caused by Ravana in the Treta Yuga."

The Mahatma continued: "Furthermore, the Pandavas are now afflicted by Lord Saturn. So let them perform these worship procedures so that they give themselves the chance of getting the grace of Agni and Shani who can help them with this punishment (curse)."

The Pandavas, their mother Kunti Devi and the assembled elders realized that there was a lot of inner meaning in what the mahatma had said and so need to be carefully thought about and acted upon.


Some of us are prompted to ask why mahatmas have to pronounce such strong punishments in the first place. The simple realization is that one has to go through the results of one's karma. There is no escaping from the results of one's karma. Siddhas do not interfere with anyone's karma, unless the Lord Himself commands them to and that happens extremely rarely. So if the Pandavas have to go through some bad experiences, the Lord initiates that through the words of mahatmas. After all, one of the responsibilities of Siddhas, rishis and mahatmas is to make sure that people experience the results of their karmas.

Agni Pooja for the Lord of Fire using a kind of Agni that He Himself did not know about!

It is a rule that whoever does specific pooja worship procedures over a full 15 day period (one full paksham phase of the moon) will be given solutions for relief from afflictions, curses and related punishments. Since what this mahatma had said related to tharpanam and since the Mahalaya Paksham Ancestor Fortnight was coming around, the Pandavas decided to do elaborate homa fire ceremonies for Lord Agni and Lord Saniswara during that Mahalaya Paksha.

But in homa fire ceremonies, Lord Agni serves as the medium of propitiation of some other deity. However, here he was the one being propitiated. He cannot both be the medium of propitiation and the propitiated deity! So yet another tangle for the Pandavas to resolve. They have to use a Shodasa Agni that Lord Agni Himself did not know of! How unique and thus how difficult it is going to be to get this Agni! And which sacred spot is powerful enough to host such a special Agni Pooja?

Helped by Agni Loka Siddhas

When they were so flummoxed, great Agni Loka Siddhas such as Agni Puranthaka Maharishi and Angirasa Maharishi came to their aid and gave them a solution.

What was that solution? The Agni Loka Siddhas told the Pandavas that Doorvasa Maharishi's avatar had happened from the Rudra Agni of Lord Shiva. In different yugas, this great Rishi's avatar occurred in different ways. Since this rishi represented the shakti of Shiva's Rudraagni, the Agni Loka Siddhas advised the Pandavas to get a little bit of Durvasa Rishi's Rudragni and do their homam fire ceremonies using that fire.

The Great Doorvasa Maharishi

But Doorvasa Maharishi was renowned for his anger. It was common knowledge that all it took was one small misstep and that could land one in big trouble with this Rishi. However, this was usual human misconception at work. With their superficial eye, humans did not realize that this great rishi was very merciful and that his anger led to great blessings and to great spiritual lessons for generation after generation of people. See Appendix 1 below for an example.

Furthermore, Durvasa Rishi had the unique blessing that the more his anger manifested itself, the more his spiritual practice would blossom! Thus the targets of his anger, who in reality aid his tapasya, become recipients of the rishi's gratitude.

Even Agni and Varuna had not seen this blazing Rudragni. They had spent yugas waiting to see this Rudra Agni. Their wait was about to end.

It was hard to be around Sri Durvasa Rishi for even a nazhikai (24 minutes) without being the target of his anger. Yet it was Durvasa (and not Vyasa or Vasishta or other great rishis) who always had 10,000 or more disciples! This is because these disciples realized that each time Durvasa's anger manifested itself something really good would result.

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Kunthi Devi's Exemplary Service to Durvasa Maharishi

The young girl Sri Kunti Devi, as ordered by her royal father, served Doorvasa Maharishi so well that the rishi himself commended her service. Thus, if there was one person who had the satvik courage (that is a result of humble surrender to the divine) to approach Durvasa Mahrishi, it was Kunti Devi. She was not a young girl anymore, but she was still a humble disciple of Durvasa and a humble devotee of Lord Sri Krishna. So now Kunti Devi went to meet with Durvasa Maharishi and seek the rishi's help.

Doorvasa Maharishi too was happy to see the disciple who had served him so well. Not only that, he decided to give Kunthi Devi and the Pandavas a little bit of the blazing Shiva Rudra Agni in the form of fire that can be used in their homam fire ceremonies. Using a twig of the sacred vanni tree, he manifested this fire.

Fiery Energy and Coolness Shakti

But which sacred spot could withstand and sustain this fiery energy of Rudra? Adjacent to such power centers of fiery divine energy, there has to be a power center of cool divine energy as well, to balance the fiery energy.

Furthermore, the rishi or siddha manifesting the fiery energy will have to spend some time in the adjacent power center of coolness and cool down the effects of the fiery energy that he had manifested. These are divine rules.

So now, Doorvasa Maharishi had the job of figuring out a place with two sacred spots, one of fiery shakti and one of coolness shakti, near each other. The place he chose was the special Agni Shakti sacred power center of Thiru Kolli Kaadu (near ThiruThuraiPoondi). Nearby is the Sheetala (coolness) shakti sacred power center of ThiruNelliKaa.

It is this combination of heat and coolness - the "cool heat" known as Sheetal Agni - that manifests itself as warm springs in the snow and ice of sacred Kedarnath and holy Badrinath up in the Himalayas.

It is in the sacred coolness power center of Thiru Nelli Kaa, in a different yuga, that Lord Shiva removed all of Durvasa Rishi's anger.

Mahalaya Paksha September 2009

The Sacred "Vanni" Tree

It is the samidha twig of the sacred vanni tree that Durvasa Maharishi used to manifest the Rudra Agni Fire. The word Kolli means Fire. So Thiru Kolli means the sacred (Rudra) Fire given by the Lord Himself.

The leaves of the vanni tree have the shakti to keep and preserve Rudra Agni Fire shakti. Thus it is that in the site selected by Durvasa - ThiruKolliKadu Agniswara Temple - the sacred temple tree is the vanni tree.

Vanni twigs and vanni leaves have the subtle presence of Rudra Agni Shakti. The word "samee" refers to the vanni that is full of agni shakti and the word "sameeyaagni" refers to the fiery light at the lotus feet of Lord Agni. Therefore, placing vanni leaves at the Divine Lotus Feet and offering them into the homa agni fire (just like marudhu leaves, dhavanam leaves, vilva leaves, tulasi leaves) is simple worship that can produce great results.

It is common to find vanni as the temple tree in temples where the Lord is present in His Agneeswarar form.

The Good Resulting from Punishments Given by Mahatmas

As a result of the curse laid on them by a mahatma, the Pandavas searched for a solution and that resulted in the world learning about the special Rudra Agni Homa Fire ceremony. The curses pronounced by the great ones always ends up benefitting society.

It also resulted in the world knowing the greatness of Thiru Kolli Kadu, a place made sacred by the self-manifested (swayambu moorthi) Agneeswara Shiva Linga form of the Lord. This sacred power center of ThiruKolliKadu is an ideal place for Rudragni Homa Fire Ceremonies, said Agni Puranthaka Maharishi.

Mahalaya Paksha Homa Temple

Furthermore, the shakti of the Rudragni given by Durvasa Maharishi is still present as Swarnagni in the vicinity of the ThiruKolliKadu Shiva temple. Thus, homa fire ceremonies done in this sacred spot are very special.

The Pandava brothers performed homa fire ceremonies at this sacred spot on all 15 days of the Mahalaya Paksha Ancestor Fortnight. Doing homam fire ceremonies here on all 15 days of the Mahalaya Paksha will yield good results.

Agniswara Shiva of ThiruKolliKadu

Mother Panjin Melladi Ammai (Mrudhu Paadha Nayaki) of ThiruKolliKadu

Giving Agni Shakti to Lord Agni Himself!

Lord Agni had lost precious shaktis by taking part in the fire ceremony of the arrogant Daksha who disrespected Lord Shiva.

The evil Duryodhana lured the Pandava brothers into a palace made of wax and then had that palace set on fire. Because of this too, Lord Agni got afflicted with kari doshas. It was a time when Agni too was under the "grip" of Saturn.

By his worship of Lord Agniswara Shiva, Lord Agni got back a part of his shakti. The rest he got back from the homa fire created with the Rudra Agni Shakti given to the Pandavas by Durvasa Maharishi.

Thus this temple of Agniswara Shiva that gave shakti to Lord Agni himself is one of the great Agni Shakti Temple power centers of the world.

Vidura explains the Special Tharpana done by Lord Krishna and Balarama

It was Lord Balarama who first heard that the Pandavas had perished in the wax palace fire. Of course, they had not perished, but they could not reveal that they were alive either. Balarama said that this could never happen when Lord Sri Krishna was around. However, Krishna Himself told his brother that royal protocol demanded that they accept the news they had received and act accordingly.

So Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama, along with many good souls, performed tharpanam ceremonies for the Pandavas, thus satisfying the words of the curse uttered by the mahatma on the Pandava brothers.

Years later, after the Mahabharata war, rishis respectfully asked Lord Krishna why He did tharpanam for Pandavas (who were alive)? The wise Vidura, who had learnt the system of justice and ethics known as Vidura Neethi by the grace of the Lord, cleared their doubts as follows.

Vidura said that the time will come when Lord Krishna will leave His physical body when His divine work was completed. It is wrong to think that Lord Krishna appeared only in the Dwapara Yuga. Krishna's Divine Presence in every yuga is to be known and realized. Krishna is the Lord worshipped by Lord Shiva Himself while Krishna Himself is the best of Shiva devotees.

Everyone who lived with Krishna in the Vraja Bhoomi of Gokula Brindavan is a Deva Jyoti saint. The Gopis are the very form of love. The heights of love and devotion reached by the Gopis are not reached even by the Vedas. Along with Krishna, they too will leave their physical bodies and that will be the end of the Dwapara Yuga. RasaRaseswari Mother Radha is one of the five original Adi Shakti Forms of the Universal Mother.

This curse pronounced by the mahatma was to give a warning jolt to the Pandavas that they too will need to exit this physical world someday. The birth of the Pandavas was of Deva origin and not human. Yet, because their parents were Pandu, Kunti and Madri, who were of human origin, the Pandavas too had to discharge their daily debt to their pitru ancestors in the form of daily tharpanam. And it is because of a certain lapse in their daily tharpanam that they incurred this curse. Because of this, 64 generations of their ancestors were afflicted.

Furthermore, since the death of their royal father Pandu was unnatural and gruesome, he was in need of special tharpana shakti.

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The Queen Madri Devi too had misused the divine mantra given by Durvasa Maharishi to Kunti Devi. It was supposed to be used once to get one Deva offspring, but she used one invovcation to get her two sons Nakula and Sahadeva. Because of this misuse, she had to leave the world along with the king Pandu. Thus she too was in need of help that could be offered only through special tharpanam procedures.

If false news that a person is dead is spread when he or she is actually alive, that too is indicative of some bad karma. In this case the Pandavas were actually alive but everyone though that they had died. Lord Krishna knew that they were alive but he also knew that their ancestors were in need of special tharpana shakti. So when He and His divine brother Balarama, along with many good souls, did special tharpanam, the shakti of these ceremonies done by the Lord Himself resulted in the spiritual elevation of numerous ancestors of the Pandavas. After all, only if the ancestors are doing well can they bless their progeny on this earth. Thus these elevated ancestors of the Pandavas could really bless them in the work they had to do in this world as the Dwapara Yuga was drawing to an end.

Thus, in this divine play of Lord Krishna, the mahatma uttered a curse. The shell shocked Pandavas and their mother Kunthi Devi searched for a solution. The special Rudra Agni became available through the grace of Durvasa Maharishi. The glory of a great shrine of Lord Shiva was made known. Generations of ancestors of the Pandavas were elevated by Lord Krishna. The Pandavas did atma vichara, realized their mistake, improved themselves spiritually and rededicated themselves to their life mission with renewed vigor. Thus so much good resulted from the curse uttered by that mahatma but all of it was masterminded by the Great Lord Krishna Himself.

This was the explanation given by the wise Vidura, the great devotee of Krishna. In this Kali Yuga, these secrets were revealed to the world by Sathguru Venkataraman of the Agasthiar Lineage who received them from his Siddha Guru, Sri La Sri Idiyaappa Eesa Siddha. People of this Kali Yuga should read this episode on all days of the Ancestor Fortnight and also on all Pitru Shakti and Tharpanam days and request the blessings of Lord Agneeswara Shiva, Mother Mrudhu Padha Nayaki, Lord Krishna and Balarama, Lord Agni, Lord Saturn as Pongu Sani, Durvasa Maharishi and the exalted Pitru Beings.

Golden Saturn

Golden Saturn - Pongu Pon Svarnavaari SHANISWARA of ThiruKolliKaadu

GOLDEN SATURN - the lord who rains gold on devotees - Lord Saturn Shakti in Thiru Kolli Kadu

Lord Shani (Saturn) is present in ThiruKolliKadu as Pongu Pon Shani - Svarnavaari Shaniswara. This is a special avatar of Lord Saniswara. ThiruKolliKaadu is thus a sacred space with the blessing shaktis of this manifestation of Pongu Shani.

The degradation and humiliation inflicted by the demon Ravana on Lord Saturn was nullified in this sacred space of Thiru Kolli Kadu. In fond memory of this, Lord Sani's powerful blessing form is here as Swarnawari Shaniswara, the benevolent lord who rains gold on devotees.

Click here for more on Lord Saturn. Saniswara as Ayush Karaka (significator of longevity) and Lord Ganesha. Kari dosha problems, kari naal, penitence and the karma workout process..

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Lord Saturn, in this special form of Pongu Shani, is opposite Bhairava and next to Mother Lakshmi who is Herself seated on the Pongu Kanal Kanaka Peetam here. Worship in this sacred space will help one earn money through dharmic righteous means, remove poverty and help recover one's wealth and possessions that were lost because of deception, treachery and enmity.

The Important Saturn Prayer composed by Emperor Dasaratha

There is a famous prayer to Lord Saturn composed by Emperor Dasaratha, the father of Lord Shri Rama.

He composed and chanted this prayer in the august presence of Lord Shaniswara in Saniswara Loka itself and received Lord Saturn's blessings. Watch this clip for more information on this prayer.

This Saturn Preethi Mantra prayer, which begins with the line "Nama: Krishnaya Neelaya Sikhikanta nibaya cha", was given to the people of our world by King Dasaratha by the command of Lord Saturn himself.

Lord Saturn was thrilled by Dasaratha's words and he told Dasaratha: "I will bless those who chant this powerful prayer daily in the morning and evening even if I am in their 1-st or 8-th houses by transit. They will get my special blessings if they also serve food and dishes mixed with powdered black sesame seeds (til or ellu) or dark colored grapes to those who are lame or those suffering from leg handicaps, especially handicapped people wearing black colored clothes."

King Dasaratha chanted this stotra under the sacred vanni tree of this Saturn Shakti sacred space of Thiru Kolli Kadu. This is yet another Siddha secret given to us by Sathguru Venkataraman regarding this sacred place that has the blessing sakthi of Pongu Sani.

Lord Saturn (Shaniswara) Prayer by Dasaratha

Saniswara (Lord Saturn) Prayer by Dasaratha

Homa Agni Fire Ceremonies in Thiru Kolli Kaadu

Since the Thiru Kolli Kadu of Lord Agneeswara Shiva and Mother Panjin Melladi Ammai is a great Agni Shakti sacred space, it is a very good idea to perform homa fire ceremonies at this place.

Lord Agni himself did agni pooja fire ceremonies in this sacred spot over the yugas thus affirming its fire shakti.

It is a place where Lord Agni and Lord Saturn participated in the homa fire ceremonies conducted by the Pandavas in the Dvapara Yuga, gave them their blessings. It is a place where they themselves had their shaktis restored.

As Lord Saturn transits from Simha (Leo) to Kanya (Virgo) in early September 2009 in the Agni nakshatra of Uttiram, it is a good idea to do agni pooja and homa fire ceremonies in the Agni and Saturn Shakti sacred space of Thiru Kolli Kaadu on any day of the year.

Doing Agniswara Homa fire ceremonies here during the 15 days of the Mahalaya Paksha Ancestor Fortnight will help elevate ancestors and is a Siddha solution for pithru saabam (curse of the ancestors).

Kari Kol Siddha

to be continued...

Siddha Solution for Anger Management

One of the avatars of Durvasa Maharishi happened during the Rudra Tandava dance of Lord Shiva. The great Maharishi asked Shiva why the Lord chose to create him during His Rudra Thandava since anger will predominate in such beings. The Lord replied:

to be continued...

Appendix 1 - The Offering of Food to the Lord

Here is a famous episode from the Mahabharata that must be enshrined in everyone's heart as a shining example of the Lord coming to the sincere devotee's aid. Episodes such as these teach us important lessons in spirituality and these were gotten through the agency of Durvasa Maharishi. Humankind must forever be thankful to this great rishi. We are retelling this episode here since it is important to read this episode too on every day of the Pitru Paksha Ancestor Fortnight of 2009.
Once upon a time, Durvasa Maharishi visited the Pandavas in the forest around lunch time and told them that he and his retinue of ten thousand disciples will have lunch after their bath in the nearby river. This put the Pandavas in a dire situation. How were they going to feed 10,000 people?

Of course, this entire incident was masterminded by the evil Duryodhana who knew that the Pandavas will not be able to feed 10,000 people and thus they will incur the wrath of Doorvasa Maharishi and that will be their end! So he had entreated the Maharishi with these cunningly sweet words: "Great Rishi, Just like you have blessed me and my brothers, it would be very nice if you can go the forest and bless the Pandavas too." The Rishi had agreed.

Based on the advice of Dhowmya Maharishi, Yudishtira, the eldest of the Pandava brothers, had worshipped Lord Surya (Sun) and had received the "akshaya paatra" vessel that will give them limitless food. However, there was a condition. The vessel will have limitless food only until the Pandava Queen, Draupadi Devi, had had her lunch. After that, the vessel will be empty till the next day. This had suited the Pandavas fine till this fateful day. Draupadi had had her food and thus the vessel had gone empty for that day. So how could they feed the great Durvasas Rishi and his 10,000 disciples? And if they did not feed, they may well become the targets of the rishi's legendary anger!

Draupadi Devi was a great devotee of Lord Sri Krishna. So when she was faced with this dire situation, she immediately prayed to Lord Krishna who turned up there as though by coincidence. Draupadi was overjoyed at seeing the Lord who told her that He was very hungry! Draupadi's joy quickly turned to sorrow. Not only did she have no food for the rishi and his disciples, she was now in the pitiable situation of saying "No food" to the Lord Himself.

With sadness written all over her face, she looked at the Lord helplessly. The Lord smiled and asked Draupadi to bring her limitless Akshaya Patra divine vessel. She replied that it was done for the day and that was the problem. But the Lord insisted. So she brought the vessel to Him. The Lord looked into the vessel. It was indeed empty but for one grain of rice that was sticking to its sides. The Lord ate that one grain and announced that He was feeling so full that He felt like resting!

At that very moment, Doorvasa Maharishi and his disciples also felt so full like they had had a thirteen course meal! So they finished their bath in the river and went on their way without even showing up at the Pandavas' place. You see, when the Lord is satiated, the whole universe is satiated. This is the spiritual insight behind offering food to the Lord (neivedyam) every day during our worship.

This important episode of a devotee in a dire situation praying to Her beloved Lord and the Lord responding in His unique way was made available to us through Maharishi Durvasa. Thus it is that so many great episodes that teach us so many great lessons were made available to us through this Maharishi. So Sathguru Venkataraman taught us that talking about the rishi's anger alone is superficial and makes one miss the divine leela plays of the Lord occasioned by that anger.

Aaputra AnnaSvaathi Akshaya Paatra Mahima - Siddha Secrets

These Siddha secrets were given by Sathguru Venkataraman many years ago when he and his students did temple service at the sacred power center temple of Mother Annapoorna Devi and Lord Sri Chotruthurai Natha Shiva of Thiru Chotruthurai.

Once upon a time, ThiruChotruThurai was hit by a devastating famine that lasted 40 years! During that period, Lord Shiva of that sacred power center gave a limitless akshaya paatra divine vessel to a selfless soul there so that people of that holy land may be fed. This selfless person fed the people of that place with this divine vessel but he himself would not consume more than one morsel of food from it each day. Such a truly selfless soul can get this divine vessel from the Lord of ThiruChotruThurai even today, said Sathguru Venkatraman.

But where are such truly selfless souls to be found in this Kali Yuga? The day when worship and food offerings are done at all 6 worship times of each day in every temple in India is the day when this Akshaya Patra divine vessel will become available again in this Kali Yuga, said Sathguru Venkataraman.

Sathguru Venkataraman said that everytime anyone offers food to the Lord (as neivedyam), that food reaches the Akshaya Paatra vessel of the Anna Loka of Mother Annapoorani unseen by the human eye.

Offer food to the Lord at least three times a day in your house.

Arrange for food offerings in ancient temples with svayambu Lingas and swayambhu moorthi forms of the Lord. Even if daily pooja is not being done in these temples, at least daily food offerings must be done.

Sathguru Venkataraman said that daily worship and food offerings should be done during the 6 pooja times of every day in every temple in the sacred land of India. So take this as a Siddha instruction given to you and arrange for it in as many temples as you can, with an attitude of utmost humility.

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VERY IMPORTANT: Charitable Giving during all 15 Days of the Pitru Paksha

VERY IMPORTANT: Karunya Tarpanam during the Pitru Paksha Fortnight

How to do Tharpanam - Agasthiar's Easy Tharpana Method

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What is Mahalaya Pitru Paksham?

Pitru Moksha Spots Worshipped by Lord Sri Rama - Ideal for Pitru Worship

Tarpana Procedures for each day of the Pitru Paksha

Mahalaya Paksha September 2009

Om Salutations to the Exalted Pitru Ancestral Beings
Om Salutations to Maha Guru Agasthiar.
Om Salutations to Sri La Sri Idiyaappa Eesa Siddha,
the Siddha teacher of Sathguru Venkataraman.
Om Salutations to the Agasthiar Siddha Guru Parampara Lineage.

The Agasthiar Siddha Sathguru Lineage

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