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Lord of the Vikruti Year (mid April 2010 to mid April 2011) - Pranayama Shakti

Siddha Secret: This is a great jeeva shakti, prana shakti and pranayama shakti temple.

Click here: Mother Akhilandeswari
Lord SHIVA Atmanatha
of KeezhaPeruMazhai

These are the deities and the temple for worship throughout the Vikruti Year (mid April 2010 to mid April 2011) as given by Sathguru Venkataraman.

Great BRAIN SHAKTI Temple and Physics Nobel Laureate Sir C. V. Raman

Siddha Secret: The Mother who gives Gnana to Gnana!

The Mother who was worshipped by Gnana Saraswati and Gnana Lakshmi Themselves!

The Mother who was worshipped by Physics Nobel Laureate Sir C.V.Raman (C. Venkataraman) who was blessed by HER.

Click here: Mother GnanaGnanambika and SHIVA Kasi Visvanath of Purasakudi

The worship of Mother GnanaGnanambika at this sacred space of Purasakudi is very important for all school & college students and for those interested in intelligence and gnana (spiritual wisdom).

This temple is in urgent need of RENOVATION! Devotees should do what they can to renovate this temple as soon as possible.


Siddha Secret: This is the sacred space where all medicines and healing techniques and procedures were first submitted at the lotus feet of Lord SHIVA by the Aswini Devas, the celestial healers.

Click here: SHIVA Marundheeswara of Marungapallam.

Worship of SHIVA Marundheeswara is very important for all doctors, healers, pharmacists and all researchers and other professionals connected with the health and pharmaceutical industries.


Click here:
7 very powerful KARUPPANNA SWAMI Deities
and the (Narasimha Shakti) Kambathadiyar Temple
- both in Venkatakulam

Shiva Karavandheeswara and Mother Dharmavalli

Click here: SHIVA Karavandheeswara and
Mother Dharmavalli

Our yearly celebration of the Sadhayam (24th) nakshatra day in the Chithirai month - 8 May 2010 this year. Sandalwood paste worship and decoration.

Anukka Anjaneya Hanuman and Muthu RAMA

Click here:
Lord Anukka Anjaneya HANUMAN and
Lord Muthu RAMA of Muthukuda.


These are 5 SHIVA Vaidyanatha Deities who bless us with cures for every kind of disease.


Shiva Vaidhyanatha of Radhanallur,
Shiva Vaidyanatha of Vaitheeswaran Koil,
Shiva Vaidyanatha of Paandur,
Siva Vaidhyanath of Varakadai,
Siva Vaidyanath of Aivanallur.

How to Worship Mother Sundara Maha Lakshmi

REFORMATTED. Click here: How to worship Mother Sundara Maha Lakshmi.

Easy "anyone, anywhere, anytime" worship procedure.

SIMPLE step-by-step Pooja Method for Mother Sundara MahaLakshmi for people not familiar with pooja (worship) procedures.

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