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Maha Guru Sri Agasthiar

Vishnupati - 17 August 2011.

"Svarna Sri Golden Vishnupathi" *
"Golden Perumal, Golden Lakshmi Vishnupathi"
of the Agasthiar Siddha Lineage

Swarna Lakshmi (Golden Lakshmi)
Swarna Sri Devi, Svarna Bhu Devi
Swarna Sundararaja Perumal
Svarna Garuda * Svarna Hanuman of Ponpethi

Ponpethi sacred space - the Golden Platter of our world

Second Vishnupathi of the Kara Year
and Third Vishnupathi of 2011.

The Nava Natha Siddha Secrets of Sathguru Venkataraman concerning the 17 August 2011 Vishnupathi.

VISHNU DAY! Narayana Bhakti (Devotion) Day! 17 August 2011.

Kara Varusha Aavani Maasa Vishnupathi Punya Kaalam.

This article is long.
Just skimming through it will not help.
Take your time.
Read it carefully.
It may take several hours.
It may take several readings.
Savor the Siddha secrets.
Put them into practice.
Enjoy the benefits.
Go to Ponpethi and get darshan of Golden Perumal, Golden Lakshmi, Golden Bhairava, Shiva Bhavaneeswara and Mother Akhilandeswari.

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The Second Vishnupathi auspicious time period of the Kara year occurs on late night August 16 IST (Indian Standard Time) and continues into the morning of August 17, 2011 IST - from 0130 hours to 1030 hours IST on August 17, 2011.

This is the Vishnupathi Punya Kaalam (sacred time period) at the beginning of the Aavani maasam (month) in the Kara varusham (year). (Aavani maasam is the month long period from approx mid August to mid September when Soorya is in Simha Rasi, i.e., (sidereal) Sun is in Leo.)

Source of Siddha Wisdom

The Siddha secrets regarding this 17 August 2011 Vishnupathi have been described in many pages in the June, July and August 2011 issues of Sri Agasthia Vijayam, Sathguru Venkataraman's monthly magazine. The June issue was made available to the public in the middle of May 2011.


What is Vishnupati?

The Sacred Space for
Vishnupathi 17 August 2011

Vishnupathi Temple of Honor

The temple of honor for this Vishnupathi is the Svarna Sundararaja Perumal Temple in Ponpethi. See Ponpethi darshan pics below.

Vishnupathi Divinities of Honor

The divinities of honor for the 17 August 2011 Vishnupathi are Mothers Svarna Sri Devi, Svarna Bhu Devi, Swarna Lakshmi and Lord Sri Swarna Sundararaja Perumal of Ponpethi. See Ponpethi darshan photo gallery below.

Vishnupathi Location

The sacred space of Ponpethi is on the Aavudaiyar Kovil - Thirupunavasal - Theeyathur route in the Aavudaiyar Kovil Taluk in Pudukottai District in Tamil Nadu. It is 15 Km from Aavudaiyar Kovil and from Mimisal on the route to Thirupunavaasal. See Ponpethi location map below. http://www.Agasthiar.Org/a/vp-ponpethi.htm

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Ponpethi Darshan Photo Gallery

Vishnupathi 1 Vishnupathi 2 Vishnupathi 3 Vishnupathi 4
Vishnupathi 5 Vishnupathi 6 Vishnupathi 7 Vishnupathi 8
Vishnupathi 9 Vishnupathi 10 Vishnupathi 11 Vishnupathi 12
Vishnupathi 13 Vishnupathi 14 Vishnupathi 15 Vishnupathi 16
Vishnupathi 17


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Mothers Svarna Sri Devi, Swarna Bhu Devi and
Lord Sri Swarna Sundararaja Perumal of the Ponpethi sacred space

Vishnupathi - August 17, 2011 - Swarna Sundararaja Perumal of Ponpethi

Mother Swarna Lakshmi of the Ponpethi sacred space
(Golden Lakshmi)

Vishnupathi - August 17, 2011 - Swarna Lakshmi of Ponpethi

Ponpethi Location MAP

Vishnupathi - August 17, 2011 - Ponpethi Location MAP

17 Aug 2011 Vishnupathi in Ponpethi - Siddha Insights

The Golden Moment has arrived

The Golden Moment for the worship of Golden Perumal and Golden Lakshmi at the Ponpethi sacred space has arrived in the form of the Golden Vishnupathi Day of 17 August 2011.

The "Sarva Jeeva Nala VaLa Sankalpa" of the Siddhas, i.e., the constant prayer and commitment of the Siddhas towards the betterment of humankind has occasioned this special moment.

And fittingly, the "Arul Maari Vara Vaari Kalpa Kaalam" - the Golden Time of the shower of divine grace and the bounty of divine boons - has fructified by divine sanction.

64 Siddhas want to witness the Golden Vishnupathi Worship Ceremony of 17 August 2011 at Ponpethi

64 great Siddhas and Maharishis, such as Chyavana Maharishi, Ourvar Siddha and Agnipuranthaka Maharishi, want to witness the Vishnupathi worship of Svarna Sundararaja Perumal and Swarna Lakshmi Devi at Ponpethi on 17 August 2011.

Why? This is because these siddhas and rishis got the darshan of Lakshmi Narayana here in Ponpethi during the Vishnupathi time of a different era.

Furthermore, 96 Nitya Ekadasi Seela Maharishis want to be here in Ponpethi too because of the great blessing they received from Lord Swarna Sundararaja Perumal here in Ponpethi during the Kara Year of a different era. (More on this below.)

Furthermore, with this Vishnupathi of 17 August 2011 being spanned by the Chathurthi thithi during all 60 "nazhikais" of the day, great Ganesh worshippers such as Maha Guru Agasthiar and Durvasa Maharishi will also want to be here in Ponpethi for the Vishnupathi ceremony.

These great rishis and siddhas will be present in sthoola, sookshma or kaarana (physical, subtle or causal) forms here in Ponpethi during the sacred Golden Vishnupathi celebrations of 17 Aug 2011.

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Ponpethi = Golden Platter of the World

Ponpethi = "Pon Thaambaalam" or Golden Platter of the world, said Sathguru Venkataraman. This is a secret of the Siddhas of our Agasthiar Lineage.

Sathguru Venkataraman referred to Ponpethi as the Land of Golden Bhairava (PotraaLa Bhairava Bhoomi) and as the Land of Golden Lakshmi's Divine Grace (Svarna Lakshmi Arul Valaagam). This sacred space is praised thus by the Siddhas of the Agasthiar Lineage.

This "kshetra" (sacred space) was known variously as Swarnapuri, Svarnaaranyam, Svarna Kaadu, Swarna Bhuvanam and so on in ancient times, said Sathguru Venkataraman.

Ponpethi is a "Gold Shakti" sacred space. The sacred space of Ponpethi showers Veda Shakti as Gold Shakti. But what does "Gold Shakti" really mean? What is the inner meaning of this statement? More on this below.

Ponpethi - 109 Theertham Ponds and 108 Temples

Ponpethi is sacred land wherein there were 109 theertham sacred ponds and 108 temples at one time.

These sacred ponds were filled with red lotuses, white lotuses and blue lotuses too.

Each of these sacred ponds was special for one of 96 "shannavadhi" special tharpanam days.

Many of these theertham sacred ponds can be seen to this day, many with red lotuses and white lotuses. See the darshan photo gallery for an example.

Land of Golden Bhairava Avatar + Grace of Golden Sundararaja and Golden Lakshmi

If Ponpethi was just home to the wonderful divine presence of Golden Perumal and Golden Lakshmi, that itself would make it great. But, there is even more!

This sacred land is where the avatar of Adi Moola Swarnakarshana Bhairava happened in the Kritha Yuga of a different time.

Thus, this sacred space is also home to "Golden Bhairava Avatar Shakti". More on this and on Bhairava Maharishi's worship below.

The darshan of this Adi Moola Svarnakarshana Bhairava divine form can be had in the temple of Shiva Bhavaneeswara and Mother Akhilandeswari which is near the Vishnupathi Temple of Swarna Sundararaja Perumal and Mother Svarna Lakshmi.

Refer to the darshan gallery links above for a darshan of this divine Golden Bhairava form mentioned here. The divine forms of Shiva Bhavaneeswara and Mother Akilandeswari can be seen elsewhere in our website. Bhairava 1 Bhairava 2 Bhairava 3

Ponpethi = Golden Bhairava "LANDING PAD"

Because this sacred space is where the Lotus Feet of Adi Moola Svarnakarshana Bhairava first touched our world, this kshetra also becomes a Golden Bhairava Lotus Feet Darshan Sacred Space.

This conglomeration of the shaktis (powers) of Golden Lakshmi, Golden Perumal and Golden Bhairava along with those of the rare Bhavaneeswara Shiva divine form and Mother Akhilandesvari make Ponpethi one of the "must see" Shiva-Vishnu sacred spaces bubbling with so much spiritual energy that can help one's spiritual development in wonderful ways.

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96 SAINTS and the Second Vishnupathi of the KARA Year - The Sacred "Leela" Story of Golden Perumal's GRACE that must be meditated upon (over and over) during the Vishnupathi of 17 Aug 2011

There is a special class of great saints known as the "Nitya Ekadasi Seela Maharishis". They are a group of 96 Maharishis who practised great spiritual austerities.

One of the important facets of their "tapasya" was their Nitya (Daily) Tharpanam vow.

These 96 saints performed their pithru tharpanam worship over a three day period in the great Pitru Mukti sacred space of Rameswaram, but they spent one whole year in Ponpethi! Why? This remarkable fact is explained below.

Why the 96 "Nitya Ekadasi Seela Maharishis" chose Ponpethi for year long tapasya austerities

That was the Kara Year of a different era

These 96 saints decided to do their entire Kara Year tapasya in the Vishnupathi sacred space of Ponpethi.

Why? Because they knew the great significance of the Pitru Mukti sacred space of Ponpethi - a place which was once home to 109 sacred ponds and 108 temples with grand worship ceremonies and celebrations on an almost daily basis. So they were very happy to spend a year in this Ponpethi kshetra.

These 96 great saints knew that Ponpethi was a special place for Golden Perumal and thus ideally suited for the practice of their Daily Tharpanam Vow, since it is Lord Soorya Narayana Perumal who is the Lord of the Pithru Exalted Ancestral Beings.

Furthermore, they also knew the varied spiritual significance of each of the 109 sacred theetham ponds of Ponpethi and how each one of these is special in its own way for the performance of Daily Tharpanam and the 96 "shannavadhi" special tharpanam procedures.

Thus, it should not be too surprising why these 96 saints chose to spend one full year in Ponpethi.

The "Tapasya" of the 96 Saints in Ponpethi and how they taught people

One may be tempted to ask: "Why should great rishis who have renounced everything have to do with tharpanam?" Not only were these 96 rishis perfect in their marriage dharma and their conduct in married life, they also taught the importance of the 96 Shannavadhi special tharpanam days of the year to hundreds of thousands of people by their own example. This was the "satsangha" they established in Ponpethi during their time there. (Note that the 4 Vishnupathi days of the year are part of the 96 shannavadhi special tharpanam days.)

By their own personal example, they showed this large satsangha group how to do this special tharpanam worship and also how to do daily tarpanam.

This was their "sacred social service" - a way of uplifting masses of people. How? By involving them in time honored sacred worship procedures that are imbued with the shakti of spiritual upliftment of those who practice them with diligence.

These 96 saints performed their daily tarpanam procedures on the banks of one of the 109 ponds along with numerous people thus covering all 109 of them more than once in that Kara Year of their stay in Ponpethi.

(Needless to say, since they did tarpanam worship daily, they automatically covered the 96 shannavadhi special tharpanam days as well. On those 96 special days, they did special tarpanam procedures. For examples of numerous special tarpanam procedures, refer to Sathguru Venkataraman's unique 4 book series entitled Easy Tharpanam Methods.)

But there was more to it!

Furthermore, during the year they spent in Ponpethi, they conducted elaborate worship ceremonies on all 4 Vishnupathi days in this sacred land of Swarna Sundararaja Perumal.

But there was more to their tapasya austerities! They also practised the "Nitya Ekadasi fasting vrata vow" for a 3 month period (90 days) of each year. Thus the name "Nitya Ekadasi Maharishis" for them.

As you may know, Ekadasi is the 11-th thithi of each fortnight and is one of the special days for the practice of fasting and worship of Lord Perumal Maha Vishnu.

For these great saints, every day was Ekadasi during this 90-day period! (Just like Nitya Pradosham and Nitya Sivaratri, this is the practice of Nitya Ekadasi.)

The 96 saints stayed true to this hard 90-day fasting practice in Ponpethi as well during their stay here.

Getting the darshan of Siddhas and Rishis

As we mentioned earlier, Ponpethi is a sacred space which was once home to 109 sacred ponds and 108 temples with grand worship ceremonies and celebrations on an almost daily basis.

Generally speaking, in kshetra sacred spaces where grand worship ceremonies are conducted on a daily basis, the presence of great siddhas and rishis will be there in some way, shape or form.

Since this was the case in Ponpethi during the year they spent there, these 96 Nitya Ekadasi saints were able to get the darshan of many great siddhas and rishis (such as Maha Guru Agasthiar, Badarayanar, Vascha Maharishi and others) rather easily. More on this below.

The Counter-Intuitive Siddha Secret regarding Spiritual Attitude and Spiritual Practice

People need to realize that the above is true to this day. Those who worship here in Ponpethi regularly with deep faith and devotion can get the darshan of rishis and siddhas. However, humility and a total absence of ego are required.

It should be clear that this (worship) is NOT about beating one's chest and proclaiming that one has gotten the darshan of siddhas. On the contrary, this is about simple, devoted worship that NEVER brags. The difference between the two cannot be more stark; it is the difference between night and day!

Man wants to brag. That is his nature. That is the ego in him.

But the simple, devoted worshipper is very rare. Aim to be that simple, devoted worshipper! How? By surrendering at the Lotus Feet of Golden Perumal! How else!

Once again, surrender is not in words; surrender is in the mind and in action. If one feels the need to speak about one's surrender, then there is no surrender! The very desire to talk about it betrays the absence of it!

This is the Siddha insight into this most important point regarding spiritual attitude.

He who talks about his surrender has not surrendered!
He who talks about his bhakti has no bhakti (devotion)!
He who talks about his sadhana practice is not doing any real sadhana!
He who says he is (spiritually) awake is not awake!
He who proclaims that he has gotten the darshan of siddhas has not gotten any such!
Real spiritual maturity is very different; one of its facets is the complete absence of any inner need to speak about one's "experiences" or "visions" or what have you.

The above is mentioned here for the benefit of both the sincere, humble worshipper and the chest thumper who is all about show and bragging. May the former grow in their humble worship and may the latter rid themselves from the grip of ego and transform themselves into the former.

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The Lord observes the tapasya of the 96 saints

Lord Soorya Narayana Perumal, the Lord of the Pithru Exalted Ancestral Beings, was greatly pleased with this wonderful daily tharpanam worship of these 96 Nitya Ekadasi Seela Maharishis and their teaching of the same to hundreds of thousands of people.

Golden Perumal's Great Blessing to the 96 saints

When these 96 saints completed their year long tapasya austerities in Ponpethi (including special observance of the 96 shannavadhi special tarpanam days and the 4 Vishnupathi Days), the Lord appeared before them as Svarna Sundararaja Perumal and gave them the grand blessing of abhimukti salvation.

He gave them the position of Nitya Suris in His holy Vaikunta abode where these 96 saints are present to this day at the Lotus Feet of Swarna Sundararaja Perumal.

At that time, Golden Perumal asked them: "Over the past year, you have performed daily tharpanam at every one of these 109 sacred theertham ponds here. Is there a greater blessing than this?"

On hearing these highly insightful words of Golden Perumal, these 96 great saints got an even deeper understanding of the mahima (glory and significance) of this Ponpethi sacred space.

This question asked by Lord Golden Perumal is highly relevant to us today. Meditate on what it means to us today.

The 96 saints were overjoyed by the Grand Blessing given to them by Golden Perumal and by how He elevated them to the unimaginable status of Nitya Suris in most sacred Vaikunta.

Reliving this great occasion, these 96 saints will also want to be present in Ponpethi on 17 Aug 2011, making it that much more sacred for all of us mere mortals.

Mother Swarna Lakshmi's request to Lord Perumal

The "abhimukti" granting posture of Golden Perumal seen by these 96 saints was also seen by numerous other maharishis.

Mother Lakshmi requested Lord Sundararaja Perumal to stay in Ponpethi and bless everyone in the same abhimukti granting posture.

The Lord who blessed these 96 saints agreed to the Mother's selfless request and is present here in Ponpethi to this day in the same abhimukti granting posture that everyone of us mere mortals can see and enjoy.

For this remarkable blessing - that we too can see the "abhimukti" granting posture of Golden Perumal - we must be entirely grateful to Mother Lakshmi beacuse it was She who got it for us.

That Mother Lakshmi who got us the divine presence of Golden Perumal in this Gold Shakti sacred space of Ponpethi is also present here as Swarna Lakshmi Devi - Golden Lakshmi - a rare and most wonderful form of Mother Lakshmi. More Siddha insights on Golden Lakshmi below.

So this is the wonderful Siddha story vouchsafed to us several years ago by Sathguru Venkataraman regarding these 96 saints and the bountiful grace of Golden Perumal and Golden Lakshmi.

On the Vishnupathi day of 17 Aug 2011, read this story many many times and savor it over and over. Our Salutations to these 96 Nitya Ekadasi Seela Maharishis who were blessed by Golden Perumal. Our Salutations to Golden Perumal and Golden Lakshmi. Our Salutations to the Siddha Sathguru who gave thousands of such Siddha secrets for the world to savor and benefit from. Ohm Narayanarpanamastu.

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People whose names are prefixed with "Pon"

There are people whose names have "Pon" as a prefix. For example, people named Ponappan, Ponarasu, Ponammal, Ponni, Pon.Muthurajan and so on. Such people should worship regularly at the Shiva and Vishnu temples of the Ponpethi sacred space.

While Ponpethi is important for all of us, it is that much more important for those whose names are prefixed with the string "Pon".

If you know of people who are so named, point them at this article so they can benefit from this Siddha insight too.

Note that the "Pon" prefix in names such as Ponsford sounds more like "Pawn". What is mentioned here is for those names where the sound "Pon" is the prefix of the name.

GOLDEN LAKSHMI of Ponpethi - Siddha Insights into Mother Svarna Lakshmi's Grace and the Inner Meaning of Gold

Mother Swarna Lakshmi's Blessings for getting rid of unwanted desires

The great composer saint, Isai Gnani Muthuswami Deekshithar, knew that only if bhakti (devotion) increases will man's worldy desires go down.

He also knew that if desire for gold increases, family life will certainly become more difficult.

So he sang a devotional song in Lalitha raaga before sunrise.

At night, Mother Lakshmi appeared in his wife's dream and placed a golden necklace around her neck. When she woke up, all desire for gold had completely left her. What just happened here? This is something that is worthy of deep meditation. Think about it seriously. This will help you understand the true meaning of Mother Lakshmi's Grace.

The spiritual power of that devotional hymn rendered by Muthuswami Deekshithar - which made the darshan of Mother Lakshmi Herself possible - has the power of "Lakhsmi Kataaksham", i.e., Mother Lakshmi's gaze and grace. It can remove all sorts of improper desires and bless one with wealth through the right means.

Getting Golden Lakshmi's Gaze and Grace

In some ways, Vasantha Ragam is like Lalitha Ragam. Those who sing devotional hymns on Mother Lakshmi in Lalitha or Vasantha ragas before sunrise and thus worship Mother Lakshmi with devotional singing, can get the blessing of "Lakshmi kataksham."

The Siddhas of Maha Lakshmi Loka sing the praises of the Ponpethi Svarna Sundara Raja Perumal sacred space as the pon thaambaalam - golden platter - of our planet earth. Herein is present Mother Lakshmi in Her Swarna Lakshmi Devi form.

Those who sing devotional songs on Mother Lakshmi here in Lalitha or Vasantha ragas and perform the Dhanakarshana Homam Fire Ceremony here can get "Lakshmi Kataksham" - Mother Lakshmi's gaze and grace. This is one of the Siddha Ways of our Agasthiar Guru Parampara.

The Rich Folks of Today

Those who are rich today - in whichever part of the world they may be - would have worshipped at Ponpethi in a previous birth. In gratitude for this past life secret, these rich folks should visit Ponpethi at least once every three months and offer worship here.

Getting Wealth and Losing It!

Some get wealth and then lose it. For this not to happen, to have the blessing of wealth always, to attain wealth through proper, dharmic means alone and to have it stay with one always, worship at the Ponpethi kshetra is very important since Ponpethi is one of the great wealth shakti sacred spaces of the world.

Just so you know

[ Just to be perfectly clear... This is the Kali Yuga after all and there is plenty of deception out there and sadly enough, some of it is from mercenaries who ply their trade under a thin veneer of (so called) spirituality. So we want to make it abundantly clear that we get nothing out of your worship at Ponpethi or any of the several other sacred spaces that we write about. This worship is entirely for your own benefit; we get nothing out of it and more importantly, we do NOT want to get anything out it! We are just doing one of the duties of our Siddha Lineage - that of sharing these Siddha secrets with the lay public, particularly the sincere, devoted, humble souls. ]

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What is True Wealth?

Wealth is not just money. Wealth is much much more than money. Money is just a small part of wealth. There are more than 64 kinds of wealth and money is just one of them. Keep this in mind.

This is why we have said many times over the years that true prosperity is much much more than a big bank account.

"True Wealth" Golden Lakshmi Insight - What everyone should know

That true prosperity is much more than money can be illustrated through simple examples. Many of us have encountered rich people who are not satisfied with what they have and are hankering for much more. We have also encountered lower middle class people who are perfectly happy with what they have and lead simple, good lives.

In the eyes of the world, the former is rich and the latter not well off. But in the eyes of the Siddhas, it is exactly the opposite. The former is a pitiful wretch who is tormented by the fire of hankering. The latter, on the other hand, has the wealth of contentment and peace which are much more valuable than money! How? Note that money could not get the former contentment whereas the latter (who is content) does not care for the lack of money! As simple as that! In other words, for the former man (who is discontent despite the money he has), money did not bring peace. For the latter man (who is content and peaceful), money is irrelevant since he is in possession of blessings much greater than money! Think about that.

So, it should be clear now that the "more significant" wealth blessings that Mother Lakshmi can give are "much greater" than mere money.

This Siddha insight should not only be understood but also internalized by everyone who is hankering for money. It will help one develop the right attitude towards money and also help them in the acquisition of wealth through proper, dharmic means.

Problems due to money acquired through improper means

Money, material assets, jewelry - these are just a small part of wealth. Having these alone cannot count as "Lakshmi Kataksham" in spite of the popular misconception that these imply Lakshmi Kataaksham. As Sathguru Venkataraman pointed out numerous times in his Siddha magazine, Lakshmi Kataksham - the gaze and grace of Mother Lakshmi - is much more than just these.

Unless money, jewelry, land and other assets are acquired through dharmic means, they will not multiply in a dharmic way and they will not help one in a dharmic way. This is the basic point that every one should know.

In other words, what is acquired through non-dharmic means will ultimately not be of help to the soul's progress. It can only give the illusion of wealth; it can never give the true protection that is inherent in Lakshmi Kataksham. So the way in which one acquires wealth is paramount in determining how that wealth will help him (or if it will help him at all).

Money acquired through improper means will lead to fear, trials and tribulations. Take loan sharking as an example. The ungodly interest rates charged by such people is directly correlated with the mental distress of people. So the one who gets money (in the form of that kind of steep interest) is also getting the distress of people. This is the unseen part of that money.

True happiness will not be gotten through such money. Ill gotten money is no good.

This point is simple enough but most people do not get it because most are blinded by the maya of money.

What we have given here is just one example, but it should help you in framing your thinking and attitude towards the acquisition of money and other material assets.

How to get wealth through proper means in this Kali Yuga?

Everyone wants wealth, but few get it! Why is this so?

Two important points need to kept in mind: (1) Many kinds of doshas (the "blocks" resulting from bad karma) have to be eliminated first. The eradication of doshas lays a solid foundation for true wealth acquisition and growth. Otherwise, there will be no foundation or there will be a shaky foundation at best. (2) Regular, proper worship at the Wealth Shakti Temples of Kali Yuga.

Note that paying attention to these two points will ensure that wealth (i) arrives through dharmic means, (ii) reaches the right places and (iii) is spent properly too.

In this context, the important point here is that this Ponpethi sacred space of Golden Lakshmi, Golden Perumal and Golden Bhairava is one of the great Wealth Shakti Sacred Spaces of the Kali Yuga.

Furthermore, one of the major "blocks" (referred to above) is Kaala Dosham - the block resulting from the bad karma of wasting Time. To remove this block, one should perform regular worship of Swarnakarshana Bhairava, Svarna Sundararaja Perumal and Swarna Lakshmi Devi of this Ponpethi sacred space.

There is a lot more to this topic, but what we have given here should help you get started. There are numerous articles on the proper, dharmic acquisition of wealth in Sathguru Venkataraman's Siddha writings. Refer to these writings to supplement what has been given here in this article.

Alamelumanga as Swarna Lakshmi in Ponpethi

To get the darshan of Mother Sri Alamelumanga Thayaru in Tiruchanur - Tirupati is indeed a great blessing, but people should realize that the Golden Lakshmi divine form of the Mother in Ponpethi shines forth with the shaktis of Mother Alamelumanga. This is a Siddha secret of our Agasthiar Lineage.

So get the darshan of Mother Svarna Lakshmi, which is easily available now, as often as you can in the Vishnupathi Temple of Golden Perumal in Ponpethi, a shrine that is the elder of Tirupati itself according to the Siddhas of our lineage.

"SHREE" Beejakshara Shakti in Ponpethi

Ponpethi is a special sacred space where SREE beejakshara mantras get their "swarna kataksha shakti", said Sathguru Venkataraman.

To oversee and authorize this process, Mother Lakshmi is present here in Her Swarna Lakshmi form.

Golden Lakshmi's "Swarna Bhouli Mudra"

Ponpethi is one of the sacred spaces where the Mother holds a special mudra. Other such sacred spaces include Keerakalur and Ujjini which have been written about elsewhere in our website.

Golden Lakshmi holds the very special "Svarna Bhouli Mudra" here in Ponpethi. Regular darshan of Mother Svarna Lakshmi here leads to several blessings such as (i) removal of poverty (ii) the blessing of wealth (iii) acquisition of wealth through proper, dharmic means (iv) holding on to the wealth that has been acquired (v) precluding the wastage of wealth (vi) arranging for the distribution of wealth for right, dharmic causes. These are some of the secrets of the Svarna Bhouli Kara Mudra of Golden Lakshmi in Ponpethi.

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What is the "inner meaning" of Svarna (Gold)?

People equate gold with money and most people are swayed by a rampant desire for gold. But what is the inner meaning of gold? We need to know that.

Gold is blemishless. Blemishlessness is golden!

Not only is gold blemishless, it has protection shakti inherent in it too. This is why the holy "maangalyam" made of gold and strung on the sacred mangala thread (mangal sutra) is worn around the neck to protect the purity that is chastity, to support and sustain the sacred glow of chastity in married life and as an instant and constant reminder of the paramount importance and power of a chaste life.

Gold and Goodness

But even without knowing this inner meaning of gold, this idea of goodness and gold exists amongst people of varied cultures through the medium of everyday expressions!

For instance, in western lands, we have the expression "heart of gold" signifying sincerity, kindness, generosity, helpfulness and goodness in general.

Interestingly, we have similar expressions in the Tamil language as well. We say, "ponaana manasu, ponaana ullam" to signify exactly what "heart of gold" signifies in western lands.

Furthermore, there are American colloquial expressions such as, "You are golden" to signify that all is well - a state of no problems and no worries.

Thus this idea of equating gold with goodness exists in our languages but NOT in the consciousness of people. At least not in the same way that people consciously connect gold with money. For the most part, people remain unaware of this deeper thinking about gold.

But this very idea of gold and goodness should come into the explicit consciousness of people so that they elevate themselves from crassly equating gold with money alone, ignoring its "higher" characteristics.

What is the secret of Svarna (Golden) Lakshmi?

It is when people elevate their thinking regarding gold to its higher characteristics that they can begin to understand the glory and significance of Golden Lakshmi. This Siddha Insight needs to be meditated upon carefully.

When one equates gold with money alone, one can only get a narrow view of the glory of Golden Lakshmi.

When one is released from the narrow thinking about gold, one becomes qualified to learn the much deeper significance of Golden Lakshmi.

When the Siddhas of our Lineage talk about the "Swarna Kataksha Shakti TIME", they are referring to a Golden Time in terms of True Prosperity and also in terms of Golden Gunas (characteristics) where there is no lying, no stealing, no deceiving, no adharma, no backtracking on the given word, no injustice and no impropriety. Such sterling ("golden") characteristics are part of the 108 kinds of true wealth too.

And what is the secret of Golden Lakshmi? It is providing the divine impulse to humans to make them aspire to all these higher forms of gold - golden characteristics - so that their entire lives become "golden" and they themselves become eligible for higher spiritual states.

The regular worship of Golden Lakshmi of Ponpethi, with this Siddha Insight, is the way to achieve this spiritual elevation.

108 "True Wealth" Lakshmi Blessings

Given the Siddha insight above, it should be pretty obvious that equating Mother Svarna Lakshmi of Ponpethi with just money is not very smart since money is the least of the 108 "True Wealth" Lakshmi blessings that Golden Lakshmi can give us.

So let us also aspire to the "higher" blessings that Mother Golden Lakshmi can give us since that is the way we can be spiritually uplifted.

(Svarna) Golden Lakshmi Narayana and the Blessing of Peace in the Family

Pandavas and the Akshaya Patra vessel.

Darshan of Lakshmi Narayana.

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"Kumbhabishekam" Re-consecration Ceremony of Both Golden Perumal and Shiva Temples MUST Happen Soon!

Preliminary cleanup work of the Golden Perumal Temple and surrounding area has started. See section below with several photos of this cleanup work.

The hard work of renovating both the Golden Perumal and Bhavaneeswara Shiva temples remains.

Devotees should visit both temples in large numbers and support the kumbhabishekam work. They should do this regularly because Ponpethi is such a fabulous kshetra (as Siddha insights in this article would have made clear). It is very very rare to get a sacred space with the avatar shaktis of so many "svarna" golden deities. Devotees should not let go of this divine opportunity to reap divine blessings from such a profoundly powerful kshetra.

There is one Siddha rule that must be kept in mind during this renovation work: The Bhavaneeswara Shiva Linga should NOT be moved as part of the renovation process. Work should be so done that His divine form is not moved. i.e., renovation work should be done around Him with enough safeguards put in place so that nothing falls on the Shiva Linga. To achieve this, a strong box made out of sacred woods (and sufficiently reinforced) should be placed carefully over the Bhavaneeswara Linga. This is very important. This Siddha rule for this temple should not be flouted in the renovation process.

The darshan photo gallery of the Golden Perumal Temple was given at the beginning of this article. Here is the darshan photo gallery of the Shiva Bhavaneeswara Temple: Shiva 1 Shiva 2 Shiva 3 Shiva 4 Shiva 5 Shiva 6 Shiva 7 Shiva 8 Shiva 9 Shiva 10 Shiva 11 Shiva 12 Shiva 13 Shiva 14 Shiva 15 Shiva 16 Shiva 17 Shiva 18 Shiva 19

Preliminary Renovation Work

As part of the preparations for the 17 Aug 2011 Vishnupathi Celebration, preliminary renovation work has begun in the Golden Perumal Temple and the area surrounding it.

The area surrounding the Golden Perumal Temple has been cleaned up and readied for major renovation work as shown in the next few photos:

Golden Perumal Temple BEFORE the cleanup work.

Golden Perumal Temple AFTER the preliminary cleanup work - pic 1.

AFTER cleanup work - pic 2.

AFTER cleanup work - pic 3

BEFORE cleanup work - NO DOOR!

AFTER cleanup work - Nice little door!

Preparations for 17 Aug 2011 Vishnupathi

Makeshift gathering area for Vishnupathi Pilgrims:

Pandal 1

Pandal 2

Makeshift Kitchen for cooking food for the Vishnupathi Pilgrims and the poor:

Kitchen. "Annadhanam" (giving food) is part of the Vishnupathi worship procedures.

Local Vishnupathi Announcements:

Vishnupathi 1

Vishnupathi 2

Caring for the Deity Divine Forms

Work has also begun on caring for the deity divine forms.

Consider the deity form of Svarna Sundararaja Perumal. Here is the deity form of Golden Perumal around May 2011.

Here is the same deity form of Golden Perumal in early August 2011.

As can be seen, work has been done on the deity form. There is a way of caring for the deity forms made out of stone and we use the Siddha method taught to us by Sathguru Venkataraman. It is a painstaking process but the end result makes the hard work well worth it.

Svarna Lakshmi - Golden Lakshmi - May 2011.

Svarna Lakshmi - Golden Lakshmi - July 2011.

Swarna Lakshmi - Golden Lakshmi - Early August 2011.

Svarna Lakshmi Narayana - Golden Lakshmi Narayana.

Svarna Garuda - Golden Garuda.

Golden Hanuman Shrine in Ponpethi

A tree has grown right through the solid stone structure of the Golden Hanuman shrine in Ponpethi making the structure unusable.

As a result, Lord Swarna Hanuman's divine form is now inside the Golden Perumal Temple itself.

See the photos linked here"

Golden Hanuman 1

Golden Hanuman 2

Golden Hanuman 3

Golden Hanuman 4

Golden Hanuman 5

The stones that make up the Hanuman shrine will have to be disassembled and reassembled carefully as part of the renovation work.

28 Special Mantras for
Vishnupathi 17 Aug 2011 in Ponpethi

to be filled in...

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Gold, Pandavas, Ego and Ponpethi

The "Swarna Yugam" (Golden Age) of a different era. A very small part of the Dwapara Yuga too.

The Great Fire Ceremony of the Pandavas.

The Ego of the Pandavas and how it was crushed.

Lord Krishna's golden touch and the Ponpethi sacred space.

Prthu Maharaja's Massive Homam Fire Ceremony

The "one of a kind" Homam Fire Ceremony done by King Prithu.

Huge amounts of "swarna dhaanam" - the charitable giving of gold.

CONTENTMENT amongst people. Many did not even take the gold with them.

Ponpethi in the South and Himalayas in the North. Swarnamukhi River.

Pon Peyarthi = Ponpethi

"Pon Peyarthi" = the place from where Pon (gold) was taken elsewhere. It is this name that has become Ponpethi today.

Golden Hanuman of Ponpethi

Svarna Anjaneya (Lord Golden Hanuman) and His role in moving this gold - the Siddha Secret.

Svarna (Gold) Shakti in Ponpethi

Ponpethi is a sacred space where svarna shakti (golden shakti) has held sway and will hold sway for 40 million yugas (chathur koti yugas), say the Siddhas of the Agasthiar Lineage.

"Swarna Kataksha Shakti" Time = Golden Time.

It is also a Time of Golden Gunas when there is no lying, no stealing, no deceiving, no adharma, no backtracking on the given word, no injustice and no impropriety.

In that golden period, avatar of Swarna Lakshmi Devi in the Perumal sacred space and Swarnakarshana Bhairavar in the Shiva sacred space in Ponpethi.

Immediately, countless Siddhas and maharishis arrived in this sacred space and taught the people the glory of these avatars and how to worship Them.

Swarna Sundararaja Narayana Perumal along with Mothers Svarna Sri Devi and Svarna Bhu Devi bless us to this day in this sacred space. He is the bountiful Lord who blesses prince and pauper, scientist and illiterate alike, but His blessings are easy to get for simple minded folks who are filled with bhakti devotion.

On Aranya Gowri Vrata Days (June 7, 2011) and Swarna Gowri Vrata Days (August 2, 2011), worship Svarnakarshana Bhairavar in the Ponpethi Siva Temple and Swarna Lakshmi (Alamelumanga) in the Ponpethi Narayana Temple in this sacred space of Ponpethi which was once known as Swarnaaranyam. This worship results in great benefits. This is one of our Siddha secrets regarding this sacred space.

Swarna Lakshmi and Mother Akhilandeswari Parvati in Ponpethi

The seeming separation from the Lord.

Gold as trail markers.

Land touched by the Divine Feet of Mothers Lakshmi and Parvathi. Saantha Swarna Bhoomi and the blessing of peace in the family.

Mother's "Sarveswari Divine Feet Blessings" everywhere in Ponpethi.

Adi Moola Swarnakarshana Bhairava Avatar Shakti in Ponpethi

Bhairava Maharishi and the Nava Natha Siddhas.

Bhairava Maharishi's Bhairava worship methods.

Protection shakti secrets.

PotraLi Bhairavar.

Kaala Dosham and Kaala Sarpa Dosham.

Bhairava Black String.

Bhairava Dog and Bhairava Coin.

Ashtami thithi worship of Adi Moola Svarnakarshana Bhairava at Ponpethi. The benefit of Bhairava Pooja on Ashtami thithi multiplied manifold.

The sin of wasting time and what to do about it.

Waning Ashtami thithi (thei pirai, krishna paksham).

Vyatipata Yogam day.

Lord Varaha.

The Golden Bhairava Shrine in Ponpethi Shiva Bhavaneeswara Temple is a great protection shakti shrine. Make good use of it.



The above topics (and more) have been covered in detail in the June, July and August 2011 issues of Sathguru Venkataraman's Siddha magazine. For full coverage, refer to these issues.

More pics and MANTRAS to be posted here... Visit this page again.

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Mothers Swarna Sri Devi, Svarna Bhu Devi and
Lord Sri Svarna Sundararaja Perumal of the Ponpethi sacred space

Vishnupathi - August 17, 2011 - Svarna Sundararaja Perumal of Ponpethi

Lord Sri Lakshmi Narayana of Ponpethi

Vishnupathi - August 17, 2011 - Lakshmi Narayana Perumal of Ponpethi

Lord Sri Swarna Garuda of Ponpethi

Vishnupathi - August 17, 2011 - Svarna Garuda of Ponpethi

Lord Sri Ranganatha

Lord Sri Ranganatha

Gajendra Varada Narayana

Lord Sri Gajendra Varada NARAYANA

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